Dr. Lam Akol Accuses SPLA of Attacking Innocent Civilians In Malakal UNMISS Poc Sites


February, 18 2016, This callous and cowardly attack on innocent unarmed civilians must be condemned in the strongest terms.

Heavy fighting has erupted Early Morning When Government Forces forced their way into a Unmiss camp, which is responsible of providing aide to the needy population and those effected by War. The fighting continued for almost 12 Hours after Government forces Begin to Target Innocent Civilians inside the Camps. Causing a all breakout Ethnic Conflict amongst the population. Malakal has been the City of Death! Many died in Malakal and many more and still dying to the hands of the government of South Sudan, Many civilians died In Malakal Today, Innocent Civilians .Said Dr. Lam Akol.

Dr. Lam Akol illustrated that he strongly condemn this act of dictatorship and Barbaric behaviors from Government forces who are suppose to protect the population. But instead are Attacking innocent civilians to illustrated their points of Views. we call upon JMEC, UNMISS, UNSC, AU AND IGAD PLUS to speed up the process of the peace agreement and to restrain those elements from violating what they have forged their signatures on.

More updates on Malakal will follow
Equatoria Union 1870.




  1. Government of s Sudan said that they need peace, which peace they need while they are killing. Innocent people in Malakal, did killing innocent they mean it peace??? Peace will not come by talking but by fighting .

  2. Dr Lam thank you for the concern ,and i clearly fail to know why salva’s goverment is clearly being tribalistic and the world is watching and these calls for immediate action for such goverment especially after the so call goverment of national unity .There are want urgue all citizens in south sudan and broad to support a party that protect civilians and consider the interest of the people other wise we have no goverment now.people have fail to know the roles of a goverment.

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