Africans Press pave the away: The Dinkaism, Over 16 of Kiir’s staffs appear before court over corruption allegations

JUBA (22 Feb.)

Over 16 workers at the president’s office have appeared before a high court in Juba on Monday in relation to charges of forgery and loss millions of US dollars.

A government lawyer presented the case to the court against Yel Loul Kur, chief executive director and Mayan Wol Jong, chief administrator in the office of president among others.

“Now we have listened to the case and the next sitting will be tomorrow 23rd February 2016 at 10 am in the morning,” said the high court judge.

The court decided that the accused persons should seek their defense lawyers today in order to have details about the case before interrogation can take place tomorrow in the court.

Among the accused persons are:

– Yel Loul Kur, chief executive director in the Office of President

– Mayan Wol Jong, chief administrator in the Office of President

– Controller of accounts in the Office of President.

– The overall controller of accounts in the Office of President

– Anne Christos Ladu, accountant at the Office of the President

– Executive Director at the office of the Secretary-General for Decentralization

– Chaat Paul, Director of Communication at General Administration Office

– Francis Justin, employee of ministry of finance

– Anyang Mijok, cashier of the central bank



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