M7: To America and the West, shame on you! Uganda under myself will never fail


February 22, 2016,This is the full transcript of the General Yoweri Museveni’s speech after winning Ugandan election in 2016:

museveni.jpgHonourable Ugandans, my wife, the chief of the police, I don’t know where to begin. God works in mysterious ways!

Who would have thought that we would be here celebrating another victory again since our liberation struggle of 1980s? The European wrote us off. Obama and America say that we will not win but after this result they start evacuating their Americans in shame. The European wrote us off and can’t believe in NRM. We have reshaped Uganda haven’t we? NRM will continue to win elections and lead Uganda as long as I’m alive. Im not a class room general who can be tossed easily like what Dr Kizza Besigye tried to do. I fought many wars and Ugandans know that, that’s why they voted for me.

Dr Kizza is a white man’s import. We don’t deal with them. Ugandans are too mature and know that Dr Kizza is not a liberator but stooge of some white men far away. As we speak, instead of congratulating me for over 60% victory in the polls, Dr Kizza is trying to go to the streets and demonstrate. For what? What is the democracy he was talking about? We have won clearly and East African regions who have been monitoring the election congratulated us. Our neighbours also did the same thing. Africa Union also privately called me to express how happy they were with the conduction of election.

Ugandans, this victory is for you. I have changed Uganda for the better since I came to this office. You are eating now safely without seeing Idi Amin or Obote, isn’t that worth of celebrating?

I want to say something to my former comrades, my former secretary general of the NRM whom you all knew that his greediness took him far. Now the former secretary general will retire a useless man. I have been covering him for a while until he declared to stand against me. You can’t stand against me when you are meaningless to the party. I encourage my former secretary to enjoy his retirement peacefully.

To America and the West, shame on you! Uganda under myself will never fail. Our UPDF are there to defend any external powers. Our police too are trained to deal with internal western stooges like Dr Kizza. We will not succumb to your negativity.

Ugandans, I have to announce that all the internet blockage that have been in place since last week due to security are now officially opened. But when you criticise online or talk against me or NRM, please make sure you are outside the country or we will deal with you. We don’t want fake Ugandans, we want real Ugandans who love their leaders.

NRM’s Victory today is not the end of the liberation struggle, it’s the beginning. NRM will continue to be here to secure your future and that of your grand kids.

God bless you all

H.E. Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President-elect of Uganda

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2 comments on “M7: To America and the West, shame on you! Uganda under myself will never fail”

  1. congratulation Mr.president for your victory in 2016 election,we are happy to see you back on office we expecting from you more contribution to Uganda and all Africa we are seeing how Uganda is progressing in all fields Health,education,housing and the fiscal infrastructure and we people of neighboring countries to Uganda are enjoying the fruits of your achievements in your your country,we are proud of you ,for the western world please correct your error in Iraq,Libya,Syria and Yemen .People are being killed in Broad day light as it seems your weapons are not effective against killers,only to disturb peaceful countries in the Name of democracy we African we know how to handle our Self.

    and thanks


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