Breaking News: Massive defection from SPLM-IO Aguer Rual said “I Joined SPLM-IO to change the perception of war as if it is not between Jieng and Nuer, Massive defection hit SPLM-IO in Juba, again. I never support Riek Machar

SPLM-IO hit by massive defection in Juba, and the leading SPLM-IO from Dink said “I joined SPLM-IO just to change the perception that the war fought on 15th December 2013 was not between Jieng and Nuer”

Here is full Statement below

AguePress Conference by:
Hon. Aguer Barac Kuot Rual, Advisor, office of the Chairman, SPLM IO
Juba- South Sudan
Dear citizens, in the name of our nation, and of the Almighty God, I salute you all.
first, I thank H.E president, Slava kiir Mayardit for having led the people of South Sudan to the independence in 2011 and also for bringing peace to people of South Sudan in 2015 and working to end the suffering of our people. I also acknowledge him for creation of 28 states and his efforts to reconcile and reunite the people of South Sudan.
Announcement of Split from SPLM/A-IO
Dear South Sudan citizens, with honor and appreciation, would you please allow me to announce to you today my sincere and complete split from the so-called “ SPLM/A -IO” under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny.
Reunite with SPLM/A mainstream and joining the government of the Republic of South Sudan.
Voluntarily, I have decided to join and work with the government of the republic of South Sudan and reunited with the SPLM/A mainstream under the leadership of the great national hero General Salva Kiir Mayardit, the co-founding member of the SPLM/A.

My decision to join the SPLM Mainstream is inline with implementation of the Compromise Peace Agreement and Arusha reunification agreement.
I will start by giving a brief background of Dr Riek’s political ambitions throughout out his life.

As you all know, Dr Riek, Taban and Angelina are known for acquiring power since 1991, 1998, 2002 and 2013 through bloodshed, devastation and treachery. They also continue to defy the call for the implementation of the compromise peace agreement.
The following are reasons to why I partake or joined SPLM/A -IO in 2014:-
1. To correct the perception that the war fought on 15th December 2013 was not between Jieng and Nuer.
2. To educate the very people on the ground and world at large that, the war was as result of power struggle within SPLM/A leadership.
3. To help to motionless the war and work for peace, aiming to bring to an end the suffering of our people and give chance for development and security for all.
4. To work for unity, reconciliation, hailing and built confidence and trust between the communities and particular Nuer and Jieng.
5. To help and assist our refugees and displaced persons with humanitarians assistance from Australian government and the UN agencies.
Reasons for my split from the SPLM IO:
1. Dr Riek Machar, Dhieu Mathok and Angelina continued to derail the implementation of the peace agreement.
2. Dr Riek and Angelina manages and uses SPLM IO as if it is their personal property.
3. Dr Riek has tyranny trend, which make him to have most of his decisions unilateral and without proper consultations.
1. I want to share my concern that the historic political defections of Dr Riek, and the killing of innocents for his personal benefit must be combated through the spirit of unity between Jeing and Nuer first and the entire people of South Sudan second.
2. It is important to note that, sustainability of democracy, depends not only on coups, but also on exercise of democratic principles and ethical judgements.
3. Therefore, its important to start building a healthy democracy that provides and rendered essential services to all South Sudanese.
4. This would be in the light of our experience and requirement that the ambit of the law is extended to prevent future undemocratic coup attempts.
For the above reasons, the leadership of Dr Riek Machar is nulled and disqualified, because, political functions must concur with shared beliefs and the collective conscience. Dr Riek has breached trust and risked the very survival of the prized values of fairness.
I want to thank and congratulate all the SPLA-IO and senior politicians of SPLM/- IO who have joined the split under my leadership.
finally, I thank you all and may God bless our nation and the entire people.
Your truly and trustful son
Aguer Barac Kuot Rual
Advisor in the office of the chairman and C& C SPLM/A IO,
• Co-founding SPLM/A and member of 104 and 105
• Former SPLM/A officer
• Former ANYA-ANYA ONE combatant
• Former SPLM -IO Representative to Australia,
• Former Governor of LOL state (Greater Gogrial) Division of 21 states
• Member of National Liberation Council (SPLM -IO) and
• Head second SPLM IO Advance Team to Juba.
Long Live SPLM/A mainstream,
Long live people of South Sudan.

1. Government of South Sudan
2. Dr Riek Machar first vice president of the republic of South Sudan
3. SPLM Acting Secretary General
4. The TRIOK, and IGAD Plus
6. UN, USA, UK and Australian Government
7. Friends, colleagues and supporters
8. The entire Family and community
9. All south Sudanese community
10. Legal professional
11. All South Sudan political parties
12. All Civil Societies
13. All media houses



  1. “1. To correct the perception that the war fought on 15th December 2013 was not between Jieng and Nuer.’ There is something confusing in this statement. I think the word ‘not’ is not necessary if he is to correct the wrong perception that the war was between Nuer and Dinka. Including the word ‘not’ is to confirm the perception that the war is between Nuer and Dinka. Some muddled English?

  2. I think there is something confusing you in the government not either to correct the massevies war which happen maybe you are nor necessary if is it,s correct the statement for you , You are wrong , Is it,s not of the matter jieng and Nuer fighting is not, why are you now want to correct from the SPLM/IO weather the fighing which inrupting in juba not jieng die nor nuer alone all citizens of South Sudan, have you got anything about the problem in SPLAM/IO?