Breaking News: Gen. Peter Gatdet have responded to young Nuer intellectuals who call up on Dr. Riek not to failed Nuer again

General Peter Gatdet said, “this peace is a preparation for an other war”

Feb. 28, 2016, General Peter Gatdet who left SPLM-IO) in 2015 due to a lacked of direction has response to young intellectuals Nuer women who send messages direct to Dr. Riek Machar through their Facebook. Peter Gat Gatdet have responded to both Nyamal Chuol and Martha Nyayien Gatluak’s speeches . Nyamal Chuol and Martha Nyayien Gatluak both call up on Nuer on social media to united and call upon Dr. Riek not to failed Nuer people again.

General Peter Gatdet responded to both Nyamal and Nyayien that he hear their call about the”Constrained Nuer into trouble war in December 2013, (by JUBA Regime)” He says that the same regime who killed Nuer people is now “signed peace agreement in August” and Make the same President who killed Nuer as a Designed for President and his and Dr. Riek for 1st vice-president of the country”

General Peter Gatdet says that he understand that “this peace is a preparation for an other war”

He continues to say that “So it is good that you young people must know and take care for your own future. it’s a fatal mistake for you young Nuer and you South Sudanese people to get a political-bed again with the same regime of JUBA, it is also good and  not a right direction, however it is your (decision)


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