Breaking News: SPLM-IO hit yet by another Defection

 Feb. 29, 2016, Africans Press received a long testimony from General Makuach Teny that he is no longer with SPLM-IO. General Makuach Teny joined SPLM-IO in March 2014 ater he felt that Nuer were massacred by Dinka and their alliance such as UPDF and JEM of North Sudan. Makuach hailed from Dok Nuer as Dr. Riek is in Unity State.
Makuach accused Dr. Riek of not knowing what he is doing concerning current CPA that he signed in August 2015. General Makuach Teny is a former General Inspectorate for SPLM-IO. His defection come after many defection in Juba.
Makuach Teny is calling on all South Sudanese people to wake up and not to be play back current CPA between government SPLM-IO

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