Breaking News: Riek Machar says his life is no important anymore, “I am going to Juba”

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My life is not more important than the life of those I have sent to Juba. I sent 309 led by Chief negotiator. The life of each individual among them is valued. They went to Juba in trust that I will go to Juba and therefore I made that statement and said okay you go to.

So it is not lack of trust, if I sent 309 lives who are valuable to me and who are leaders in the movement I lead. My life is not more important, it is just for assuring that the agreement is respected. Now we have made compromises, like the chair of JMEC said that we have made a compromise plan and this will be done.

As we all know Juba is still militarized, if it is not demilitarized today, then when it will be? We are implementing and not ignoring the agreement; goverment should Demilitarize Juba, we should bring the agreed troops from both parties .If they are all equally in Juba, this will bring confidence. Everybody wants the agreement to be implemented.

It is also expected the troops from our side to be deployed in Juba in a short time, maybe after few days, maybe a week .I want to assure the people of South Sudan that it is not because of mistrust. It is all to do with mechanisims being executed. I trust nothing is going to happen to the people who have been sent to Juba “.

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