Breaking New: JCE’s Assassination plan against Dr Riek Machar has been leaked out.




March-04, 2016

Now a good-hearted Monyluak who had attended the close door meeting of JCE has disclosed the secret assassination plan against people leader Dr Riek Machar Teny to his best friend Gach Diw in Juba.

Mr Monyluak had disclosed the JCE preplan and mentioned that Dr Machar Teny will be assassinate in case he risk returning to Juba for the formation of unity Government.

The JCE had planed to assassinate Machar on public occasion, place where no guns entry allowed for invited guess like case of Machar’s bodyguards.

JCE had asked M7 to help them achieved their plan of eliminating Machar from South Sudan politic and M7 had identified a Ugandan secret agent well known killers who was believd to have killed late George Athor Deng. This Ugandan national will be pretending as if he is abnormal by wearing like a mad guy cloths, and he help Jieng elders to executed their preplan against Machar, Mr Gach reveal this to African Press.

Such a situation will force audiences to will run away to save their dear lives and situation where nobody will fight.

In case Machar shall return to Juba, he needs to be careful in attending public occasion with out bodyguards.

by Gach Diw Koat.


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5 comments on “Breaking New: JCE’s Assassination plan against Dr Riek Machar has been leaked out.”

  1. Thanks Mr.Gach Diw Koat , No body in this world should tell our leader that you can come without bodyguards even if Dr. Machar says yes our security should not allowed him. Let us not forget that we are not yet freed from Uganda due to their being feared for us. They do thinks that we are going to revenge what they done on our people . I do know that Dinka are cowardice but let them not for get that when they murdered Nuer in Juba there were no anyone who fought them only they killed our people in cold blood. By now is going to be different than before and if it happen it shall be good because is not going to be like that war again, it will between Dinka and Nuer in short. Thanks Mr.Gach Diw Koat again and again.

  2. Those who are trying to play with us again like they did in the past in 2005 will definitely lead the country into more intensive war. When they did with our former leader late Dr. John De-Mabior and others, they did not think twice because they aim was only money and their interest. South Sudan is not a place the politics of assassination should be practiced, we have just gotten our freedom and independence and we are only 12 million or less then why indulging in assassination policies?
    Despite Dr. Marchar leadership loopholes he doesn’t deserve to be assassinated. Leave apart the event on 15 December, 2013, which is still needed to be addressed and relief from its influence, pain and trauma, so as to bring southern Sudanese in peace, harmony and unity, yet others are still scheming for more destruction and desolation of South Sudanese. Shame on you and shame on your leadership concept and understanding. When Dr. John died, we are losers and when any prominent politician and leader die, likewise we are the losers not others. We are aware of the outcome when Dr. Garang died, here in Khartoum many southerners lost their lives at the expense of others who pretended to be leaders and politicians, but in fact they are neither leaders nor politicians. The same is going to happen when you assassinate Dr. Marchar that will be the end of the so called South Sudan believe me or not, because southerners will never allow and accept their leaders to be killed just because of power, wealth and any other thing. Dr. Marchar is a good and sound leader whatsoever, we need to give him the second chance to lead and demonstrate his leadership perspectives, then later on we will decide whether he should continue or not… Mind you, 15 December, 2013 plight has never been resolved yet, let’s not create another one as I put it that will be the end of the so called south Sudan. Those who are trying to play with fire you are free to gear your thoughts, but I advise you to be wise so as to maintain South Sudan as one and united though it’s difficult to realize the fact of unity and harmony.

  3. Those who wrote these statements pretending the know the facts of this unknown primitive ideologies assumption and those who comments against such statements are the elements and idiots responders who do not know where they are going? They are rascal and suffering from schizophrenia . I wish peace and harmony in our society of South Sudan.

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