Breaking News:The SSPPF/Arrow boys Chairman blasted Dr. Riek Machar andbounced him as if he is using people to fight for his position

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image.jpegChairman of SSPPF concludes Consultations with Communities in the UK

March 7, 2016, As the Chairman of the SSPPF/Arrow Boys, I have been visiting the UK for the past two weeks and concluded a series of meetings with different communities from Equatoria and Other areas which has been facing the consequences of tribalism , marginalisation and injustice in South Sudan.

In the last meeting in Manchester, the community members gathered agreed in principle as much as was agreed earlier also by most from Equatoria at different meetings that the people from Equatoria must spearhead a new movement and struggle which can free South Sudan from grip of tribalism, dictatorship, injustice and mass killings of the civilians of the country.

Most community members seem all to agree that Equatorians should not be wasting their time with Dr Riek Machar who deceived others to fight for his position of VP only and has no vision of solving the problem of South Sudan as long as he is returned to the old position of VP.

Furthermore Dr. Riek is described by many as a visionless man whose appetite for power/position exceeds that of solving the country’s problem and hence the time the Equatorians and others joined him is a wasted time.

As such SSPPF /Arrow boys are well advised to move on as an independent movement which can negotiate for a better future for the country rather than getting bogged with some people who only think of position as the reason for them to entice people to fight.

The ARCISS is a really bad agreement which was negotiated in bad faith not for the purpose of addressing the root cause of the explosion of violence in South Sudan in December 2013 but just for the bases that if the status quo, which excludes Equatoria from decision making process, is returned to the power then Dr. Riek will be able to tell the fighters not to fight for equal rights, democracy and federalism because he would have achieved his position as Vice President.

Members view such assumptions as very biased and false which will not solve any problem and violence will intensify instead of abating as can be seen now after signing the agreement, it continued nevertheless.

The fact that six months after the agreement hurdles remain for its implementing and people start to die of hunger while the economy in Juba is almost collapsing show that the agreement is cannot salvage the nation but only aid its dismantling and the suffering of the people because it never addressed anything about hem but only about jobs. Further IO will also collapse with defections (many more Major Gen. Makuach Teny are on the way) and breakup by the time the IO chairman reaches Juba because after all most members of the IO are unhappy thatDr. Riek has no vision and runs the movement as a private enterprise and even more tribal than those he sought to replace and so IO is becoming irrelevant in challenging Juba.

In response to this I , Chairman of SSPPF/Arrow Boys has agreed to continue to mobilise Equatorians and all other resisting forces from all over the country so that they can form an alternative way of bringing genuine peace to the country which can be based on a vision for the country to move forward as a democratic, federal republic with equal justice and opportunities for all the 64 tribes.

The SSPPF/Arrow boys Chairman leadership has agreed to support the organising of a Conference for all Equatorians especially those who have taken up arms against the regime which has perpetuated violence against their citizens whether fighting sole or part of other groups, they must all come together to work a way forward for our beloved country South Sudan.

The Community in UK is calling also on other communities in the Diaspora to work together to raise funds for the big gathering for which the time and place will be communicated at a later date.
Hence of now the SSPPF/Arrow Boys leads an independent resistance Patriotic movement against the system and is not part of any group such as SPLM-IO who unceremoniously are now part of the regime in Juba since IO chairman is now FVP but cannot even stop the on-going carnage against Equatorian and Bahr El Ghazalians. S such I’m also calling on IGAD and JMEC to work towards an inclusive CPA3 which can give equal dividend in the country to Equatorians and other marginalised tribes whose voice has been ignored by IGAD and Troika because they do not know the importance of ethnic balance in South Sudan in order to bring peace.

Eng Charles Barnaba Kisanga
Chairman and Commander In Chief SSPPF/Arrow Boys
SSPPF/Arrow Boys.

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