To: Dr. Riek Machar, from Panyjiar Community Leaders in SPLM/A-IO

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March 13, 2016

To: H.E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny – Dhurgoun
Chairman and C&C of the SPLM/A
General Headquarter, Pagak,
Panyjiar Community Leaders in SPLM/A-IO
Advance Team, Juba
Your Comradeship,

Subject: Panyjiar Community Concerns Petition.

We, the community elders, former constitutional holders, senior civil servants, women, youth and faith-based leaders, do take this opportunity to report to you the resolutions of our meeting held on Saturday 12th March 2016 in Juba. The objective of the consultative meetings has been to deal with surging disappointment and frustration over exclusion of Panyjiar people in SPLM/A-IO both in the military, political and executive structures of the movement (10th March deployment triggered the situation). What is it that has gone wrong in the leadership with the Panyjiar people, and what is the redress plan, when and how, Cde. Chairman?

Your Excellency, Cde. Dr. Machar, we are all well aware that the events of December 2013 and the resultant civil war was caused by failure of good political practices and decay associated with gruesome atrocities, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, dictatorship, chauvinism, widespread discrimination, underdevelopment, marginalization, ethnic/sectional domination. We in the SPLM/A-IO, abhors such a system of bad governance and hence established our resistant movement to change it for good.


1. Majority of our SPLM supporters from our community and comrades are struggling with this exclusion in the army deployment and promotion released order ( Southern and Northern sector) on 10th March 2016. (We all shared the concern with the community leaders in Panyjiar after thorough study of the deployment).

2. Sadly enough, our community at all levels had been made to believe that the intentional exclusion has become systemic in that certain senior and junior comrades/elements surrounding your leadership are involved for reasons they can best explain. How would we explain such state of things to our grassroots people whose sons and daughters continue sacrificing their dear lives for this cause, knowing that Panyjiar is one of our key strongholds, Cde. Chairman?

Our Proposed Way Forward

1. We urge for consideration of our senior officers and other ranks and files in our army’s sectors, division, brigades and in other organized forces deployment.

2. We recommend for promotion/appointment of a Panyjiar son into the rank of Lt. General (with active deployment) to ensure balance inline with our other communities representation or promotion in the army.

3. We demand for our representation in the political leadership in the party and the executive. i.e. in SPLM –IO General Secretariat, positions of the Deputy Secretary General, Peace and Reconciliation, Organization & Mobilization, or the Syndicated Organizations etc.)

4. In the executive, any of these assignment portfolio/areas:
– Ministerial/or deputy ministerial portfolio of any of the clusters
– Chairperson/Head of any of the Commissions/or Institutions for reforms—for example, peace commission etc.
– Senior officials: Presidency, Under Secretaries, Ambassadors and others.
– Representation at the State Government, Organized Forces positions.

Your Excellency, Cde. Dr. Machar, despite our deepen disappointment and frustration on this persistent exclusion. We would like to assure you that we remain at all time, place and reason at your service on addressing this serious concern.
Your Comrades (Endorsed Consent List attached),
Panyjiar Community/Political Leaders in SPLM/A-IO


Names withhold

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