The big weakness in Naath Community.


Malakal-IDPs massacre in UNMISS

March-14, 2016: Do we need to have a plan after signing of this enforced peace deal that rewarded Salva Kiir who killed thousands Nuer civilians in Juba, Malakal, Jongeli and Bentiu with leadership? What are the lessons learned from this devastating civil war by South Sudanese ( Shilluk, Equatoria, Nuer in particular? Who were our friends during our hard time when JCE were supported by the whole East Africa nation? Why did only Nuer shouldered such blood civil war in the first place?

We have seen maximum destruction made to South Sudanese’s lives and properties by Jieng Council of Elder in support of Salva Kiir’s leadership who had planed to do all these things against individual, community or political groups once any of those categories decide to challenges unproductive leadership of Salva Kiir.

We have seen those terrible crimes, harassment of all form and human abuse committed against our people among other several devastation, our people were heavily destroyed by JCE and Salva Kiir their military  allies.

Why all these problem faced our people and generations today?

The answer to this question is therefore pretty simple, any one who know Nuer people would agreement with that we do not have unified communal leadership which had exposed this great community the number of vulnerabilities which is purely a result of lack of plan.
When seeing unusual move against community our voices use to differ and we begin to destroy ourselves first before our enemy started to destroy us leading to subsequent integration among others community.
This have been case when Nuer fought in 1983. We have been used to fight ourselves by our enemy and do not noted this for very long time. Why other nation are fighting themselves?
When are we going to realize the destruction we have been making to ourselves as communities? how long are we going to live with out communal and unified leadership that can plan and shaped our destiny and protect our pride and dignity and what can we achieve in South Sudan when we are still fighting ourselves or against each other for very long time?  What do we need to achieved in the South Sudan?
Some of us were seeing the danger of our time drawing very near, until it reached our doorstep. The SPLM’s leadership struggle result in to worse destruction that some of us had never witness once in the history of our live time.
Taking in to account all the problem associated with African leaders and leadership, some of our fellows countrymen with great curiosities had casts several questions as to how result of such move would be like, asking what if Salva Kiir will resort in to military action, a mean to silent those who are seeking reform and having him replaced in the party leadership?
Our answer have been always placed under those sons and daughters in the both government and military leadership, hoping that in any case of plan to intimidate Nuer sons and daughters then they will not condone it.
Some of us were counting on Gen Gathoth Mai Ngoth who was chief of general staff, Gen Gony Biliew and Gen Charle Lam Chuol  who were serving as sectors commanders in SPLA that they will be opposing seriously any bad intention against South Sudanese and Nuer community in particular.
Did we agree with them in case of any harm to Nuer community that they will stand with us? The answer is big No. What did these guys do when Nuer were massacre in their watch in Juba? They were fooled by the murderers and executed his plan to killing of Nuer civilians in vast territories of Naath nation.
Gen Gony Bilieu and Gen Kuon Puoch  did great destruction in Upper Nile state more than we can imagine, their destructive war was witnessed it by all of us.
While Unity State, our brothers and sisters were seriously by their own sons. Gen Mathew Puljang and Gen Thayip Gatluak has destroyed precious lives and properties in ancestral land in Bentiu.
What are the lesson learned here?
Nuer of today are becoming Nuer of money, they love money than their community, that was why Gen Duoth Guet, Gen Gathoth Mai, Gen Gony Biliew and Gen Puljang ect remain with Jieng Council of elders because they were getting pay to kills Nuer.
Nuer of yesterday choose rights course over than wrong, so who expecting much from above mention sons and daughters of Nuer community, they were basing their own judgement on wrong time by judging the Nuer sons and daughters of today with the lens use for judging yesterday Nuer.
What about the Nuer of tomorrow, I mean Nuer after such imposed peace was signed? Only God knows the answer and with that, Nuer future is in state of uncertainty?
Our only source of rescues and protection happened to be Gen Peter Gatdet, Gen Kong Chuol, Gen Peter Puok Kong, Gen Wang Chiok Koryom, Gen Malakal Kuol, Gen Peter Lim, Gen Otang Liah, Gen Dor Manjur, Gen Gabriel Tang, Gen Gathoth Gatkuoth, Gen Simon Gatwech Dual and other plus the Nuer White Army who were not even the part of leadership structures of SPLA where decision are taken in to effect.
Without strong and unwavering stand made by those great sons and the Nuer white army then South Sudan would have been declared a land of mongjieng after completing their extermination policy against one ethnicity.
Nuer elders and leaders were seeing  Salva Kiir busy recruiting a private army militias, the very men who had carried out the Nuer massacre in Juba, executed a door to door search of Nuer personality in Juba localities.
What we do as Nuer on that plan? Why did our sons and daughters in leadership structures failed to confront Salva Kiir and question the logic behind recruiting soldier from one region?
This failure of our own sons to encounter JCE plan could be precisely attributed to lack of communal interest that had led to disunity and great ignorance that had led also to witness the tragedy of our live time.
Our problem can be also consider as problem of underestimation accompanied by guess work and therefore there is a greet feeling that such a guess work and underestimation will expose our  people to danger as long as we are living without unified community leadership structures……
This civil war would have been a treated as gone case against the architect of the whole crisis, the Jieng council of Elders had it not been an involvement of Ugandan troops and other South Sudanese in their favor of such a regime.
What is our strategies by seeing the worse part of lack friendship? Jieng fear confronting Naath fighters by themselves: they are making friends that is why we saw even different groups of fighters involving in their favor..
We need to have a plan B as we are moving back to Juba. Now, the so called Jieng Council of Elder are well prepare because they knew very well that what they did to Naath community were completely immoral and wrong that will make them more curious more than ever before.
What are our plan B? We are going back to Jub, a place where JCE are well aware and are at state of alert bearing in mind the previous destructive move, in case of any minor misunderstanding it will lead to great chaos where Naath Community will pay very high cost if care would not me made.
The record remind us that Nuer are easy to forget things and easily mislead and if that manner will continues in case after these great destruction, then forget about what you think to achieve in this country.



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