Open letter to Government of Amadi State.


Open letter to Government of Amadi State.

March 17, 2016.

In response to the press release claims dated March 16, 2016, made by so called designated minister of information of Amadi States Mr. Victor Maboruk Clement, I want to clarify to you that those are totally smeared propaganda as usual from Juba selected self-interest group who claimed themselves as representative of people in Greater Mundri, I want to categorically clarify and refute that those are baseless statements of unrecognized, failed kind of leadership.

The people of Greater Mundri are not shortsighted to witness those facts on the ground by themselves to an extend which require no beggar to lecture to them.

As you are all aware, the group that had hugged themselves around that death created Amadi State ,whose operationalization was official suspended by the communique of IGAD heads of States Summit which was held early in Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa; and you will clearly agree with us that those are mainly group of people who have no vision for the development of Greater Mundri.

It is clearly from the outset that, most of those individuals are not well oriented with documents and can commonly be characterised as the kind of people who only want to seek for positions to enrich themselves other than working for people.

It is also well known that, the said created state does not have the budget nor does it have capacities to generate revenue of it’s own to run its affairs, leave alone to develop Greater Mundri

It either depends on borrowing from other sister states or seek collection of funds from churches and local citizens in community of the state to run it’s affairs.

Therefore, don’t be surprised to witness them disappearing one after the other from Greater Mundri anytime returning to Juba to in their homes and family members.

About the existence of SPLA IO forces in Western Equatoria and particularly in Greater Mundri, no one can in any way deny that facts and those who tends to deceive themselves were either making such statements to imitate the wards of their masters, or people who are ignorance of realities.

The facts are, in May 22, 2015, the SPLA-IO forces in Mundri clashed with the Mathing Agor, the Juba based tribal militias and captured Mundri town from the government and the report which was confirmed by SPLA Juba spokesman Col. Phillip Ager on 24, May 2015.

Along the line, Chapter II. 2.2.of the Compromise Peace Agreement on the resolution of conflict in the Republic of South Sudan reads, “The warring parties agreed that the forces that shall be cantoned shall be those forces previously in combat in Juba, Jonglei, Unity, and Upper Nile States, and any other forces related to the conflict in other areas that are declared by the warring Parties during the Permanent Ceasefire Arrangements workshop”.

In that spirit, the security workshop which was held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia in September 2015 by the parties to the conflict had already declared their forces in which the delegation of SPLA IO had declared forces in Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal as part and partial of their forces in the region and were considered to be contained as per the agreement.

So, the claims by those vision less individuals alleging that there is no presence of SPLM/A IO forces in Greater Mundri was imaginary and self centered. The SPLM/A IO forces in Greater Mundri were not warmongers as claimed by Victor himself and will never be. Instead, Hon. Ngere and the said self-designated Victor Maboruk and Juba militia are now planning offensive against our forces and planned to order Mathing Angor to further kill the innocent youths controversial to his own wards.

As it stands now, we are aware of their provocative plans of going to Bangolo, Kadiba and Mvolo with claims that they want to go and talk to people to start opening school which we knew it was just a plans to provoke our forces to clash with them.

Such statement and the way which it was formed can only confirmed to the wards of some wise men that, many vision less Equatorians are cowardice in their ways to get positions in the government and always tend to be killers of their own people while they are in the positions of power.

To you our people, I personally want to discourage you from buying onto such baseless claims, but rather adhere to the principles in which can brighten the future of our generations. Those kind of statements and talks you will always encounter from such kind of people in the community. Therefore, whenever you found them in any media, just click, read and ignore them to their noises.

From now on, specially in this economic difficulties to take care of families, please be aware that it is not a surprise any longer in Equatoria, if any one wants a position, he may cowardly preach lies to appease his master.

Therefore, the wards of people like that are common as described above and in Greater Mundri we too have them more special at times like these when every one want to have titles of MPs, commissioners, Ministers etc.

In conclusion, I tell you they will be ashamed by the history when those forces are organized and contained as per the agreement and some of which will take part in the special forces in Juba.

Girma Apaya
Reporter in the office of the Commander of SPLM/A- IO forces in Mundri, Western Equatoria State


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