Breaking News: SPLA Juba forces attacked SPLA IO cantonment site in Mundri East.

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19, March 2016.

Heavy fighting is reported this morning in Kadiba between the government and SPLA IO forces in their assembly area in Kadiba.The government forces deployed by the governor of Amadi State Joseph Nyere Pachico left Lui yesterday to Mundri East in Kadiba.

They went towards Mundri and returned backward again and enter to Kadiba from Singo.

It was reported that the main aim of the deployment was to escort the commissioner Mr. John Henry to his duty station and at the same time destroy the cantonment sites of SPLA IO forces in the area.

This is a serious violations of the ceasefire and the signed peace agreement.

We therefore call upon JMEC and IGAD plus to take all necessary actions against the violators.

The SPLA IO forces remains committed to the ceasefire and implementation of the peace agreement to the letters.

No report of causalities is received at the time of reporting.

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