Breaking News: Dinkas Pastoralist beheaded Equatorians children after they kinapped school children in Juba Primary School called Promise Land

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malMarch 24, 2016, News are circulating in Juba that unknown numbers of Children are kidnapped from one school in Juba named Promise Land. The kids were found beheaded. If the kids kidnapped and beheaded are Equatorians, the first suspects are Jieng

Family members assume Rafique Mia was murdered in connection with a feud relating to land.

Mia was the President of the Mirpur Union Jatiya Juba Sanghati.

Bahubol Police Station OC Mosharraf Hossain said his body was recovered at 11:30am on Sunday on the Akhaura-Sylhet railway tracks at Daspara.

Acting on suspicion, police arrested Zahir Molla, a distant uncle of deceased Mia.

The OC told that someone called out Mia after Saturday midnight.

He did not return home after that.

“His blood stained vest was found near the house in the morning. An axe with blood stains and his lungi was recovered by police from a nearby pond,” the OC said.

“After a search nearly everywhere, his head, detached from the body, was found on the rail tracks.”

Sadik Mia, the younger brother of the dead man, said, “We have a quarrel with our neighbours in connection with the road in front of our house and my brother was killed due to this feud.”

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