Breaking News: Bieh State’s Governor of the Lou Nuer address Lou Nuer upon his return from Pagak


March 26, 2016, today Bieh State Governor of the Lou Nuer Lt. General Koang Gatkuoth Kerjiok addresses Lou Nuer upon his arrival in Bieh State from Pagak. Governor Koung Gatkuoth thanks the Lou Nuer youths, and the entire Bieh State citizens abroad and home for standing together as one family.

Gov. Thanks Dr. Riek Machar for standing for implementation of peace, and also says that Lou Nuer must hands together in order to confronted the enemy of peace and call upon Lou Nuer to do so when necessary.

Gov. also thanks Dr. Riek Machar for supporting him on his mission to service the people of Bieh States and the entire Lou Nuer community.



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