Breaking News: Serious information to Lou-Nuer and IO in Bieh State

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March 27, 2017, One of the Lou Nuer son send a Facebook message that “seriously, I am informing Lou-Nuer and IO that the so called Bol Koang claimed to be the governor of Bieh state using unjustified 28 state is on the way trying to enter to our Holyland”, the Lou Nuer, Bieh State.

he says that Bol Kong is going through some wrong element in which one of them is former chief Kuon Chot lual and other youth under Kuon himself. He then say that please take the information.

Secondly, Riek Gai has landed at pajut today and had landed in Bentiu yesterday mobilizing SPLA in government to fight against IO, therefore Bol spent the night yesterday in panyeguor and move forward today morning. Please take care

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