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Date: 30th March 2016.

Press Release:

Samson Masiya is not a member of SSPPF/Arrow Boys to disown me. I would like to categorially denounce the fake press release of Samson Masiya. Mr Samson Masaya, since I formed SSPPF/Arrow Boys was never part of it and he tried to bury the Equatoria movement from day pen but failed. He is no spokesperson for nobody. Samson Masiya was only interested in seeking position under Riek IO.

When Samson Masiya came to East Africa last year we never met and he kept it a secret from me though I had all the intelligence. Then Samson Masiya went to Fagak and to seek positon/money from Riek which Riek said yes but Samson Masiya has to bring him all the Zande boys siding with Kisanga now. Samson Masiya called $10,000= from Dr. Riek in order to go and buy the Arrow boys with it. But when he reached Uganda he changed his mind because they will kill him if he went there..

So instead you sent $5,000= to one commander telling him to convert the boys to Dr. Riek IO and he can have use of the money. Then Samson pocketed the $5,000 balance and went back with it to Australia to enjoy with your family. So Samson was never a member of Arrow Boys SSPPF that he can suddenly disown own me. You are a business man just like Riek who runs IO as his family business. The problem is where is the money to buy Arrow Boys you collected from Riek.

Arrow boys did you eat part of Samson Masiya windfall of $10,000? Never. Well if Samson Masiya still think he is IO in WES and want to setup his base or cantonment area in WES just leave Australia and go there and we shall se. As of now WES belongs to SSPPF/Arrow boys and allies such as SSNLM. There are no Riek forces in WES to disown me in my own land. Well I can be disowned in Upper Nile but not in Yambio or Equatoria.

Lt Gen Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga Chairman and commander In Chief of SSPPF-Arrow Boys. E-mail :

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