Dinka’s desperation for war is taking unusual foolishness, How can another State government take a Oath from another state

Bieh State MPs Take Oath Of Office In Jonglei
Members of parliament in the newly created Bieh State on Thursday took oath of office in Jonglei State capital, Bor.
01 April 2016
Bieh State MPs Take Oath Of Office In Jonglei

Governor of Bieh State Hon Peter Bol Kong in Bor
So called Governor of Bieh East Bol Kong 

Governor of Bieh State Hon. Peter Bol Kong in Bor [Photo| Juuk Othana Mading]
By Juuk Othana Mading

BOR, 01 April 2016 [Gurtong] – On 08 March, President Salva Kiir issued a Republican Decree No. 147/2016, for the appointment of Members of Bieh State legislative assembly in Juba.

Kiir also appointed four members from SPLM-IO, Moses Gatkuoth Lony of Uror North, Hussein Maar Nyuot from Uror South West, Khorhok Gal Gar from Nyirol North, East and South and Deng Chol Bei from Akobo North.

During the oath taking ceremony, members elected the Speaker and his Deputy.

While speaking during the occasion Maj-Gen. Peter Bol Kong, the State Governor of Bieh State, said the creation of 28 States has come as an implementation of the vision and policy of the SPLM to take services to the people.

“Today you have taken oath as members of the State assembly and you have a big challenge ahead of you. Your immediate mission is peace and the implementation of peace needs sacrifice, and you must be people with will, determination and commitment”, he said.

Peter assured that the priority of his government is peace in order to deliver services to civil population, despite the difficulties the country is facing.

“You are one arm of the government, with the executive and the judiciary we shall form a complete body of the State government. Together we shall fight the war on development. Finally, good relationship with neighbours and unity among our people is paramount. This cannot come without our collective contribution”, he added.

The Governor recognized that the affirmative action that the leadership of the SPLM has pledged on gender balance shall be observed in Bieh State.


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