Depnding of Dinkas was a cursed to Uganda, 6 UPDF Officers, Royal Guards Killed at Kasese Palace Clash

Polly Namaye, Deputy Police spokesperson

Polly Namaye, Deputy Police spokesperson

By: Dickens H Okello

Apr 3,2016

The Rwenzururu Kingdom is currently under tight army lockdown after a serious clash between the UPDF and the royal guards that claimed 6 lives instantly.

Two UPDF officers were gunned down by the royal guards of Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere at about 2:30pm on Sunday near the palace. Four royal guards were also killed in same clash.

The Deputy Police Spokesperson, Polly Namaye confirmed to ChimpReports that two UPDF officers were gunned down at the palace when they rushed to rescue a friend who was attacked near the palace.

Namaye said the royal guards had suspected one soldier to be spying for the army and when he crossed near the palace, the guards immediately attacked him but he managed to escape unhurt when the rescuers swiftly arrived.

Two soldiers remained near the palace to quell any eventuality but the royal guards pounced on them with bullets killing them instantly.

“The royal guards attacked the army at 4:30pm today. We have confirmed two UPDF officers were shot by the Obusinga guards. Four royal guards were also killed.” Ms. Namaye said.

However the Kasese Woman Member of Parliament Winfred Kiiza told ChimpReports that it is the army that attacked the place and the royal guards returned with fire in self-defense.

According to Hon. Kiiza, two strange vehicles were on an unknown surveillance mission since morning and at last the royal guards decided to inquire.

“What I am told is that the UPDF attacked the palace and the Obusinga had to defend themselves,” Kiiza said on phone.

“Two unknown civilian vehicles had trailed the palace since morning. When the royal guards approached the vehicles they were surprised to find the army inside them. The army opened fire on the guards
instantly killing one of them,” She stated on phone.

The remaining royal guards according to her rushed back to the palace and returned fire to defend themselves and eventually killing the said two UPDF soldiers.

“The Obusinga guards had to return to palace for better defensive positions. They shot two UPDF officers dead.”

The MP said two Armoured Personnel Carriers commonly known as mambas had been mounted in the palace stopping all entry and exit.

“Now they have brought two mambas to the palace blocking everyone who wants to enter in or come out,” she said.

Our efforts to reach the army Spokesman, Col. Paddy Ankunda on phone were futile as he did not pick our repeated phone calls.

The Spokeswoman also confirmed that the army and police had taken over control of the palace.


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