The Departments of the South Sudan National Democratic Party (SSNDP)

The Departments of the South Sudan National Democratic Party (SSNDP)

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Sunday, 3rd April 2016


The South Sudan National Democratic Party (SSNDP) is one of the ethical and strong political organisations in South Sudan. It was founded alongside with the South Sudan National Defence Force (SSNDF) on 15th of February 2014 to remove communism from the newly created nation and to substitute it with a democratic system.  The (SSNDP) operates under Perth Declaration of 26th of June 2007.  The (PD) is a formal revolutionary declaration which strongly demands the elimination of Mayardit’s regime through the barrel on the gun and to replace it with sustainable government.

The (SSNDP) is one of the faster -growing political forces in the newly founded nation.  It has got too many members and supporters in the three main regions of South Sudan such as Greater Bahr el Ghazal, Greater Equatoria and Greater Upper Nile Region.  This powerful party successfully allied itself with many ethical governments on the planet in order to achieve millennium goals and also to overthrow the existing regime in Juba through military campaign.

  1. The vision and the mission statements of the party

The (SSNDP) has got a clear vision, mission, goals, objectives and values that are used as a guide by its members and supporters.  The goals, objectives and values of the party were fully stated in the political manifesto. The vision the mission statements of the organisation are as following:

The vision statement of the (SSNDP) is to create sustainable government in South Sudan.

The mission statement of the (SSNDP) is to install a government that will meet the needs of the citizens of South Sudan through effective political leadership.

  1. The five levels of the councils of the party

The (SSNDP) classified its councils into five levels of leadership councils in order to attain the organisational goals and objectives.  These leadership councils are listed based on their strengths. The National Governing Council of the (NGC) is the highest decision-making body of the party. The five levels of this political organisation are as following;

  1. National Governing Council (NGC);
  2. Regional Governing Council (RGC);
  3. District Leadership Authority Council (DLAC);
  4. Divisional Leadership Authority Council (DLAC) ; and
  5. Village Leadership Authority Council (VLAC).


  1. The Departments of the party

The party comprises of less than 30 departments that were designed to carry out specialised tasks in the newly created country.  The roles and responsibilities of each department were fully described in our political manifesto to get the jobs done in professional manner. The departments of the (SSNDP) are as following;

  1. Department of Finance and Economic Planning;
  2. Department of Information, Broadcasting and Culture;
  3. Department of Foreign Affairs;
  4. Department of Justice and Legal Affairs;
  5. Department of National Security;
  6. Department of Defence;
  7. Department of Police, Prisons and Fire Management;
  8. Department of Wildlife Conservation, Parks, Tourism and Hotels Management;
  9. Department of Mining, Petroleum and Land Information;
  10. Department of Agriculture, Animals Health, Forestry, Fishery and Food safety;
  11. Department of Housing and Community Development;
  12. Department of Human Health;
  13. Department of Environmental Protection;
  14. Department of Human Resources Management, Employment and Labour;
  15. Department of Commerce, Industries and Associations;
  16. Department of Immigration, Citizenship, Repatriation, Border Protection and Customs;
  17. Department of Electricity, Water, Communications and Information Technology;
  18. Department of Tertiary Education;
  19. Department of Primary and Secondary Education;
  20. Department of Local Governments and Rural Planning;
  21. Department of Youth Culture, Recreation and Sports;
  22. Department of Gender and Religious Affairs;
  23. Department of Veterans and Indigenous Affairs;
  24. Department of Social Welfare;
  25. Department of Humanitarian Services;
  26. Department of National Executive Council Affairs; and
  27. Department of Presidential Affairs.


  1. The presidential Advisors of the party

The (SSNDP) consists of less than ten advisors who will provide professional advice to the Chairperson to reach our political goals and objectives. These people will be appointed by the president of the party based on their academic qualifications and the previous related work experiences.  The presidential advisors of the (SSNDP) are followings;

  1. National Security Advisor;
  2. Military Advisor;
  3. Legal Advisor;
  4. Religious Advisor;
  5. Humanitarian advisor;
  6. Petroleum Advisor;
  7. Agricultural Advisor; and
  8. Finance and Economic Advisor.
  9. Conclusions

The departments and the party’s presidential advisors were described in detail in the political manifesto of the (SSNDP). The manifesto of this political organisation will be released to the media for all members and supporters before or after the eruption of the second phase of the South-South civil war.


Commander Yien Lam Tot

The author is an Advocate for Situational leadership theories and he holds Asso. Dip. of Sustain., Asso.Dip. of Admin., Dip. of Bus., Dip. of HR., Dip. of Mgt., and Post Grad. Leadership Degree.

The writer is also the President of the (SSNDP) and Commander-in-Chief of the (SSNDF)

South Sudan, Liberated   Area


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