Breaking News: Paul Malong is now mobilizing his new militias name “The Last Rain”, playing dirt for Dr. Riek Machar’s returns


April 5, 2016,  Breaking News in Juba, Paul Malong wants to assassinate  the leader of SPLM-IO on his arrival to Juba. A source within Bilpam, SPLA headquarters in Juba, who want to remains anonymous  send a secret message to Africans Press in Juba that Paul Malong is now “serious then ever before” Paul did not believe Dr. Riek is really coming but now he just realize that the peace is materializing. Along is mobilizing his generals and the newly mobilize militia name “the last rain” for the returns of SPLM-IO’s leader Dr. Riek Machar.

In the last three days, Paul Malong was seen meeting with his inner circles, especially those who hailed from the Nuer. He says that Malong wants to use these people to declare war against Dr. Riek on his arrival to Juba.

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