Gen. Peter Gatdet surprises to see his name on social media as if he was arrested

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8, April, 2016) Gen. Peter Gatdet surprise by Sudanese media claiming he was arrested. However,  Gen. Peter Gatdet is calling the news as “mere Propaganda” by unethical
Newspaper called Mirror. This is a work of the same South Sudan Newspaper Mirror who praised government of South Sudan who is killings its own people. Why should any rational person value their report anyway that Gen Peter Gatdet has been arrested by Sudan Government.

The question should have  been what for? The person who wrote this piece and noises information is not a realistic journalist or politically nonviable.
The allegation has reported by the Newspaper Mirror cannot be substantiated.
This a conspiracy to fuel the same hatred by South Sudan government bad relations between the people of south Sudan and with the government of Sudan.

I would like to inform the people of South Sudan and the Nuer  communities in North America, Europe, Australia and Africa and the Arab world that I m a free man, moving freely and continues answer any call when I need to be. I do urge and appeal to you all to remain calm and to dismiss any fake report about me as a big lie of the  21st centuries.

Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka

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