Breaking News: A Dinka Man has been arrested in Australia for his role in killings in South Sudan

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A credible reliable sources have revealed that a secret service of South Sudan and a government agent was detained while trying to run away from Australia and now is being arrested. A government aget named Chol Kiir Dau is detained and question over his role in recent South Sudan conflict.

Chol Kiir Dau is a radical Dinka SPLA Member who resided in Australia. Before he travel back to South Sudan and join the War in 2013, he was a formerly George Athor’s diaspora Spokesperson. Chol is Son of late Major General John Kiir Dau who was also known as a notorious Dinka SPLA Officer in late 1990s.

Meanwhile in 2013, Chol Kiir Dau who is now a radical Dinka SPLA fighter and is to believe to the mastermind who create brutality in Upper Nile including the recent killings of civilians in Malakal, manipulate and execute of most atrocities happening across Upper Nile and especially in Malakal.
Chol Kiir Dau is believe by the Australian Police to have participant in the killing and violation of human rights abuse in the current conflict. Now after he (Chol Kiir Dau) keep going back and forth to Australia from South Sudan, he was arrested and detained as he was question about his role in current conflict

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