Breaking News: A Dinka pre-planed Coup underway in Juba Malong is taking over

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South Sudan Independence Anniversary
South Sudan Independence Anniversary

April 13, 2016, We are currently facing an acute economic crisis that needs to be addressed in order to alleviate the suffering of our people and stop them from going back to Khartoum.

Should we allow the implementation of the CPA 2 to continue in order to endanger our national security and political future? CPA 2 is intended to put and end to the JCE rule in South Sudan and to send all the JCE leaders to court for trial under the hybrid tribunal for the crimes against humanity and war crimes. We must make the cost of implementing CPA 2 very expensive if not impossible. And those who think that they can receive Dr. Riek Machar against our instructions must know they will pay their lives as a price for the regime change they dreamed about.

We must continue the military operations. We shall continue bombarding the rebels cantonment areas by Air Force in Western Equtoria and Bharelgazal, If it were not for CPA 2 all the rebellion should have finished. Those interested in dialogue like Gathoth should be lured into government control areas. But those who have big hope to dismantle our JCE army and Security through CPA 2 shouldn’t be allowed to have the opportunity. Only over my dead body.

Regarding the advance team of SPLM-IO we can say that we have managed to infiltrate their ranks, we are following all their movements, chats, private affairs with women, the type of alcohol preferred or taken by each one, the imaginary talks when they get drunk. We have ladies who are always in contact with them. The ladies managed to send us their emails, telephone numbers, Skype, WhatsApp and all their means of communications. We are following all their activities and contacts with people inside Juba.
Our plan to destroy the CPA2 and Dr. Riek Machar is as follows:

1. We shouldn’t allow any reception for Dr. Riek Machar and his Deputy Alfred Lado Gore. Any attempt must be face with full force.

2. Dr. Riek Machar will arrived in the morning of 18/04/2016. He should only address the media at the airport and move to Dr. John Mausoleum , then proceed to his residence, no swearing in, no peace really, no meeting with me.

3. At zero hour of 19/04/2016, the plan is that the SPLA under command of Gen. Paul Malong Awan will takeover power in a bloodless military coup, suspend the transitional constitution, dissolved the National and States governments and parliaments , declare state of emergency. Form the military council with some Nuer generals as members. Detain all the politicians and some of our cadres including me, but we detain them, I mean our own cadres with their consent, and put them in safe places for some time until the international community call for their release. We eliminate those whom we think are a threat to the JCE rule. No targeting of civilians, no looting of civilians properties to avoid the mistakes of 15 December 2013.

4. After international community condemnation Gen. Paul Malong will release me and handover power back to me and I will continue with the implementation of the CPA2 with those who are like minded from SPLM-IO.
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