Breaking News: Bloody Whitemen, UK gov warns citizens against travel to Juba


JUBA (17 Apr.)

For those who trusted the Whitman, here we go, the British who is a part of Troika, who were pushing Dr. Riek to returns to Juba, just blow it up. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised its citizens against all travel to South Sudan, citing particular concerns about potential security developments in the capital Juba.

In a notice on the travel advice section of its website updated on Friday, the UK Foreign Office noted that the peace agreement signed in August last year has reduced large-scale fighting compared to the beginning of the conflict but clashes have persisted in other areas and tensions remain high.

Under the terms of the peace deal, the SPLM-IO Chairman Riek Machar is expected to return to Juba. Peace mediators and the United Nations have called this a major step toward implementation of the peace deal, but other observers see it also a a risky move.

“The expected return of the First Vice President to Juba on 18 April may increase the risk of violence, you should exercise caution at this time,” the UK government advised its citizens.

According to the advisory notice, “tensions and disturbances” may increase across the country in the coming weeks.

“Some past demonstrations in Juba have turned violent and you should exercise extra caution at this time. National and international flights may be delayed on 18 April; you should contact your airline for up-to-date flight information,” reads the notice.

The UK was one of several governments that evacuated citizens from Juba in December 2013 after the outbreak of violence in the city and widespread killings in certain neighbourhoods.

In spite of the warning, however, many British citizens still remain in South Sudan as relief workers, UN agencies staff, missionaries or in other roles.

“If you choose to remain in South Sudan you should remain alert to the local security situation, monitor the media and stay in a safe location,” adds the notice, noting also that the British embassy observes a self-imposed curfew as a precautionary measure.


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