Heartbreaking letter from Puk Goar to his Mother who was burned alive in Juba

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mach2Dear Mother,


At last i wouldn’t make it to Juba for so many reasons i couldn’t explain in this letter.

Mom, Dr. Riek Machar will be leaving for Juba this morning 18th of April 2016. He told us peace is the only option to see your graveyard where you were burnt alive with many other mothers.

Two years and half since you passed away. I am now a big man who can make decision. As Dr. Riek Machar go to Juba, I am preparing to go back to Gambela, Ethiopia and pickup from where i left the school. It will be a long journey, a very long journey Mom, far away from your grave, from the place you were burnt alive with so many other mothers out there in December of 2013.

This morning i felt betrayed, humiliated, desperate, and completely lost in world no one seems to hear my cries. But i say to myself, it is ok things will change and that is the way it is.

As i told you, I am a big man now who can make a proper decision and i decided not to go to Juba by plane. I want to go back to school, get education and writes a great novel in your memories like many others. You will love it Mom.

Forgives me Mom, i didn’t make it to Juba but i have asked Dr. Riek Machar to visit the massgrave where hundreds of you were burnt in your honor. I know you will forgive me.

You were a great Mom though you died in vain, not really, i will writes a great book in your memories. I am finding it hard to forgives my enemies who took away your soul. I think i have to learn and forgives so my soul find peace forever just like you did.

I will writes in the book how this war is and how it ends. I will also tells you one day in heaven how much i love you.

In your loving memories,

Your loving son,

Puk Goar

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