Jieng Council of Elder: Nuer Are the Problem Of South Sudan: Jieng Elder Council

jiengApril 21, 2016

By the Secretary General of Jieng Council of Elders, Mr. Anei Madut Kuendit on a briefing to Dinka Community in Australia

There are a lot in the current circulating video on Social Media and I did not finished all in translating it, but the ones I have jotted down here are the key points of the speech. I hope it help a little bit. Please kindly add on to it the vital points that you might think I have forgotten and please kindly share it as well for everyone’s consumption. Thanks.

In General, Mr. Anei went like this – I want to say that we the members of Jieng Council of elders (JCE) we do not have money. Like myself, I do not have money. We do not have money becuase we did not steal. The people of money are these people from G10 and all the ones who were removed becuase of corruptions and mismanagement who have been calling called themselves historical leaders. They are the ones who have destroyed the Country and bought houses outside of South Sudan.

While up to now in South Sudan we don’t have hospitals, we have no schools and no infrastructures and roads either to Greater Upper Nile or Greater Bar El Gazell. When they were removed and hold accountable, they get mad and started calling themselves historical leaders, while when they were in Gov’t they did not do anything for the Country than enriching themselves with the Country resources through corruptions and theft .

When they are in Gov’t they steal and destroyed the Country financially and if they are removed they called themselves historical leaders and destroyed the Country through war.

The JCE of Enders are not bad people. They are not bad people with ill thinking or intention for the Country as it has been spread and disseminated, and they are not destroying the Country, not at all.

Instead the JCE they are good people and they are the real people with Country in heart and thinking good for the Country all the times becuase they have Country in heart. They are the true sons of the Country and care for the Country.

He is pretty much defending the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). He went further to say that Dinka have been destroyed worldwide through gossiping and lies and people have been saying that Dinka are not good people and don’t have rules and do not know how to rule the country and govern others, but if we accepted this behavior, violence and chaos there will be no South Sudan and most importantly if there is no Dinka there can be no South Sudan, he says.

That the problem of South Sudan is Nuer and Nuer always make decisions without thinking. He is on the tour of Dinka’s image cleansing he claimed becuase JCE and Dinka in general have been discredit worldwide for no reason.

That Dinka are thieves, they are corrupt, they are killers and they are bandits and criminals. He said the Dinka have been discredit and charactery assissasinater so bad throughout the world and not only by the Dinka Enemy alone, but even by our own Dinka individuals and sons who have disagreed with us and joined the Enemy.

Our own Dinka brothers, sons and daughters have done horrible things to Dinka Community and have carried out a bad campaign against the Dinka Community. They have discredited and trashed Dinka people so bad and terribly in front of others worldwide than the real Enemy of Dinka. He is defending the JCE activities as good activities for the Country. I would also say he is on a tour to discredit the Nuer’s image worldwide.

He think Nuer believed in Wanathin without proper thinking, plans and strategy or tactics to fulfil thier Wanathin. While they Dinka believed Konkoc with proper thinking, plans and strategies and tactics to execute them.

He said, they have told the Former President of Kenya when they went to Kenya as elders of Jieng and Nuer to meet him, that we are not the ones who destroyed the Country, but instead it is our cousins with thier culture of Wanathin that is destroying South Sudan.

He says that our brothers Nuer always does things in a hurry and fast and always don’t think properly and smartly and critically. Always they just say Wanathin while we Dinka we always say Konkoc, look at it, let look at it, investigate and find out the details and why it is happening and what are the reasons and facts about that incident or issue.

This Konkoc word is what we have as a Dinka and we are called Bany for and as leaders, and we have liberated South Sudan with it and now we are ruling South Sudan with it. We are very patient, smart, intelligent, critical thinkers, leaders and rulers who are always relax and know how to achieve our goals most of the time through war and diplomatically throughout the world.

He said the Nuer elders said, they have wanathin they don’t have restrain and word Konkoc. They said that is why they rebelled in 1975 in Akobo and went straight to Bilpam. They organized themselves and organized the thier movement and called Anya Anya 2. He said they are telling this in front of Arop Moi.

In addition, he said the Nuer elders said that thier Wanathin is the reason of why they fought Arabs in 60 to 70 upto Khartuon over the killing of Wiliam Deng Nhial. He said the Nuer elders said we fought Arab over the killing of William Deng Nhial, while Dinka were using the word Konkoc.

They were investigating and we’re looking around for reasons and clues what happened to Deng Nhial and why he is killed and for what reason and should we fight.

He said the Nuer elders added in that, with Dinka with their word Konkoc they came after Nuer in Bilpam in 1983 and joined us in liberation of South Sudan and with thier word Konkoc they took the leadership from us and killed us and continue killing us upto now the Nuer elders said, he said.

He said with the word Konkoc we are Bany and leaders and Liberated South Sudan with and now ruling South Sudan with the word Konkoc. With Nuer Wanathin they have destroyed South Sudan and continue destroying South Sudan with and actually Nuer elders said that you JCE you are not the problem. You are not the cause and you are not the ones who destroyed South Sudan, he says.


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