Breaking News: David Yau Yau said Jub being Nuer massacre in Gambella


Yau Yau says Baba Medan armed Gambella massacre attackers

JUBA (22 Apr.)

The former head of the SSDM/A-Cobra Faction David Yau Yau said the militia responsible for the Gambella massacre came from Lekuangole county of the proposed Boma state and were armed by appointed governor Baba Medan.

Yau Yau said governor Baba Medan must speak to his people and organize the chiefs from his area to go and recover the abducted children and cattle to be returned to their families and owners.

“The information we are gathering from the ground in is that those who made attacks were people from Lekuangole County, the current Governor’s home county,” he said.

“The governor had supplied his own peoplpe with some weapons and ammunitions when he planned to force his way into Pibor town and the same weapons and ammunitions, which are now used against the Nuer civilians in Ethiopia,” Yau Yau added.

Forces of Baba Medan clashed with those of ex-Cobra in Pibor town earlier this year, dispalced thousands of civilians and resulting in destruction of property.

Yau Yau denied that the ex-Cobra were involved in the attack. He said the ex-Cobra are fully integrated into the SPLA and does not function as a separate organization. He said he has no interest in attacking Ethiopia and attacking civilians.

“We urge the governor to be frank to the public that the attacks were made by his own community of Lekuangole,” he said. “The governor has to learn to call a spade a spade.”

The ex-militia leader further expressed his deep sorrow about the attack.


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