Confirmed: Dr. Riek is coming Juba

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April 22, 2016, South Sudan government spokesman Michael Makuei said Friday that the ceasefire monitoring group CTSAMM must verify in Gambella that Machar comes to Juba with 195 forces and 20 rocket propelled grenade launchers and 20 PKM machine guns.

Makuei confirmed after a cabinet meeting that they have accepted these numbers of troops and weapons.

“All these will have to verify and for them to be verify CTSAMM which is the verification body will send a team of verifiers to Gambella to go and verify the 195 soldiers who are coming plus their individual and plus this 20 PKM and RPGs,” he said.

“It is thereafter that team will inform the government that they have done verification and base on that recommendation the government will issue the necessary clearance for the planes that will bring them,” Makuei added.

“We expect Dr Riek Machar to move in soon as possible together with general chief of staff. Any delay the day after the government will not be ready for it. Any further conditions will not, and I repeat, will not by the government of South Sudan,” he said.

“If the team leaves today then definitely the team will be there to do the verification and propbly by Monday we expect him in Juba,” Makuei added.

Meanwhile, Makuei has repeatedly refused to say how many troops and weapons the government has in Juba. JMEC chairman Festus Mogae said yesterday he did not know if the government has demilitarized Juba entirely.

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