Dinka of the U.S revealed plotted to believe that it is not safe for Dr. Machar to arrive Juba at this time.


dd.jpgApril 26, 2016 We, the undersigned members of the Dinka caucus of SPLMIO in USA, regarding the arrival of SPLMIO leader, Dr. Riek Machar, to Juba; after careful consideration of the current political situation and security in the capital Juba and the general security situation in the whole country of South Sudan, believe that it is not safe for Dr. Machar to arrive Juba at this time. Here are the points of concern: The government of President Salva Kiir blocked all ways to reconciliation and is blaming others in the international community.

First and foremost, and perhaps most important is the lack of suitable security mechanism between the SPLMIO and the government in Juba, that must direct efforts toward achieving a balance in the sharing of power in the capital, and states capitals. The implementation of the security arrangements between the two warring parties as per the peace agreement of 2015, is not going well. There are serious violations from the government and that will jeopardize the life of our leader Dr. Machar in Juba. The U.S. who played a key role in facilitation of referendum on self determination for the people of South Sudan to have their own country, should be sensitive about behaviors of the SPLM/SPLA in government, the ruling party in South Sudan, to prevent repeat of the massacre of Nuer ethnic groups in the country.

Second and most significant in the implementation of the peace agreement is the current constitution on which Dr. Machar will be sworn in when he arrives in Juba. This is the same constitution which the government used to create the current war in the country in 2013 and amended it to create the twenty eight states. We strongly believe that the government will accuse Dr. Machar of alleged false coup attempt as it did in 2013 as a pretext to get rid of him and his companions in the SPLMIO. The government is adopting the language of intimidation as its modus operandi in Juba to hinder any efforts aimed at smooth implementation of the power sharing and we cite the systematic attacks at SPLM/SPLA IO cantonment areas in Western Bahar el Ghazal and Central Equatoria states, in addition to its unilateral creation of the twenty eight states in South Sudan as a case in point. We therefore strongly believe that the government do not want peace with Dr. Machar, that’s why they keep violating it.

We strongly ask our President Barack Obama and the U.S. government to bring these groups who tried to destroy South Sudan into accountability. We also urge the U.S. government and his friends in the international community to allocate resources, and act to bring all possible pressure to the government of South Sudan to allow peace to take place in the country.

Signed by,

Mariano Mawien: 2072396772, Maine

Peter Ater: 9133041954, Kansas

Achor Achor: 6053764679, South Dakota

Agolder Makueir: 8167394312, Missouri

Deng Tiir: 5156894699, Iowa

Mabot Jok: 5155256242, Iowa

Nyuol Aturjong: 8015973109, Utah

Daw Reiny: 6126448030, Minnesota

Charles Aleer Deng: 2149608964, Texas

Ajiing Deng Ajiing : 7028441961, Nevada

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