Breaking News: Gan. Tab Deng Gai slapped Dr. Riek Machar in the face and resign after he destroyed SPLM-IO


April 30, 2016, Gen. Taban Deng Gai, the chief negotiator of SPLM-IO has resigned as a chief negotiator after years of resistance of his resignation that led many generals and supporters of SPLM-IO leave the movement. This resignation come two days after the government of national unity is formed.

However, Taban Deng Gai has been viewed by many supporters of SPLM-IO as a problem to the movement and should have been resign in 2014 when 99% of generals and supporters of SPLM-IO did not wants him to be the lead of SPLM-IO Negotiator.

Countless petition has been rejected by SPLM-IO chairman Dr. Riek Machar which lead defection of many generals and supporters of SPLM-IO.



  1. Dear all, if this news are correct, then there is problem with entire system of IO. People like Taban who worked day and night tirelessly to make sure that peace comes back to this young nation, should not have been the one pushed to this corner. To me, this is a wrong footing for the implementation of the peace agreement. As citizen of this nation, I sympathize with Gen. Taban Deng and urge calm for the interest of peace.

  2. Dear All,
    We have to know that when any thing happened, it happened for a reason. It is true that Gen. Taban had been very important for movement to survive. But to continue that rests entirely on him and how the leadership sees him. If he thinks he can be effective some where in the government for interest of the people of South Sudan, be it. Long live Gen. Taban.

  3. Dear friends, why should it happen that Gen. Taban opted to make his way, I think there is no smoke with out fire. In this matter, Gen. Taban should have wait until the whole process is accomplished then he would do this but, this time is so critical!!

  4. To me i see it simple that ,when some one who is not ready for any thing is force to do it he or she may finger pointed at the command if there are problems araising ,so my appeal to the io chair is to give Taban a chance of rest and choose some one since they are all in south Sudan now ,

  5. South Sudanese who are talking ill of Taban Deng Gai I think you are witches. I was in Bentiu when Taban Deng Gai was the Governor of Unity State. He is a focused guy who thinks of how to improve the Human Development Index of Somaliland.Through his leadership the first secondary school was established in Bentiu and Malaka during the movement. He also established the Lich University college and built the Local Oil refinery in Bentiu. What fiting tribute can South Sudanesse give to his visionary leader. He is far much better than Denaja Mabek Lang a thief who stole my one year salary together with Franco Duos Diu, Dr Joseph Nguiny tuil. South Sudanese the next leader after Riek Machar will be Taban Deng Gai. GOD BLESS SOUTH SUDAN as stated in the National Anthem.

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