A Nimule Man Saved Malong’s soldiers from starvation



May 3, 2016, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A restaurant manager in Nimule, only identified as Vuciri believes that love concurs all kinds of injustices and he went extra miles to prove his philosophy when three Dinka soldiers who had lunch at his restaurant were unable to foot the bills. The soldiers said they didn’t receive their salaries and have been going without food for days. They alleged that Malong had promised to pay them their first salary on arrival but then never lived up to his words.

“He (Malong) told us that we would find everything in Nimule and now here we are, where is that everything?” one of the soldiers said.

Vuciri was deeply moved by what the soldier told him and accordingly let the trios leave the restaurant without paying any cents. He also gave them 6 pieces of flat breads (chapati), 2 for each one of them for dinner. The trios also had their plastic water bottles filled up with tea.

Their eyes were lightened up with joy and amazement as they were pretty assured of evening meals; 6 chapatis and some tea in their plastic water bottles which unfortunately would have become cold by supper time.

The broke trios were deployed in Nimule at the wake of Machar’s return. Although the real motives for their presence is still suspicious, its hoped that their rescue story would change the perception of their colleagues across Ma’di corridor, and start to treat the native Ma’dis as saviours instead of enemies.

The Dinka soldiers in Ma’diland have for long been accused of terrorising the native; Molesting their beautiful girls, stealing cassavas, goats, chicken etc. Whether all these will end under the newly formed joint government or not remains yet to be seen.


Nicholas Osobi,

Revolutionary columnist

Email: nicholas.osobi@columnist.com



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