Breaking News: 3 soldiers dead, general wounded in apparent SPLA pay dispute in Raja

south-sudans-president-salva-kiirRAJA (3 May.)

At least three soldiers are dead and a general wounded after a group of soldiers opened fire in the general’s office last Friday.

The incident took place at Kit Kit in Raja county of the proposed Lol state said deputy governor Samye Adut Deng.

Samye said it was an “isolated” isolated incident and three soldiers have been arrested for investigation.

“It is true it happened, but not actually a fight between soldiers, but a quarrel between some of them,” she said. “I was told three soldiers went to the office of a general and suddenly shot one of his body guards dead before they entered into his office, shot a finance officer and shot and wounded the general plus another of his body guards.”

“There are no investigation yet to establish the truth, but I think this will be connected to money since it involves finance officer and the general, but still those arrested will be the ones to explain what angered them and why they have decided to take such action,” she said.

The deputy governor advised soldiers to use legal procedures rather than turn their weapons against their colleagues.


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