Contractor allowed to seize S Sudan assets in Kenya

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May 3, 2016, A company based in Khartoum says it has won a court order to seize South Sudanese property in Kenya.

The Active Company Group, has given the government one week to resume compensatory payment of more than $41 million, or risk its oil and other assets being seized.

Media reports state that the compensation is in damages incurred by the company after the government failed to commit to a deal to bring electricity to South Sudan.

It says the deal was worth $197 million.

The company told the East Africa newspaper, that after a court hearing last year, the government signed a deal with the Active Partners Company in which it agreed to pay the $41.9 million compensatory charges in eight installments.

The government was supposed to pay $3.9 million in each installment but it only paid one installment and failed to pay the rest.

The company’s lawyer Gilber Mungu has been quoted saying the South Sudan government has one week resume the payment.

“If the government of South Sudan does not resume payment within one week, our associates in South Sudan shall move to attach any oil they have in the pipeline cutting through Khartoum. We are in the process of tracing bank accounts the government of South Sudan has here in Kenya,” said Mr Mungu.

The reports state the company has acquired a court warrant authorizing it to seize assets owned by the government of South Sudan in Kenya.

The assets include bank accounts, and imports and exports transported to and from South Sudan through the country.

Efforts to reach South Sudanese government officials have not been successful.

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