Toasted as disposal: Are we sure these men are human being? Dr. Marial Benjamin, Gai Yoh, Gathoth Mai, Kun Pouch and Gatmontuil Wechjang, what a waste

KiirWithUniform-655x360May 3, 2016, Dinka toasted them, they were needed only when there was a war, in 2013 when Nuer were massacred in thousands James Hoth Mai stood there and provided more weapons. Simon Kun Pouch destroyed Nasir, Bapiny Monytuil, his brother Nguen Monytuil, their primitive Mathew Puljang and destroyed Bentiu, Marial Benjamin was used internationally as a Nuer person to denied the killings of the Nuer people.

Without wasting any time to write about them, one may wonder if these men have a hearts, courages, what it take to be a human being, or simply do they ever sit and asks themselves why Salva Kirr is toasting them?

To prove our points here, these useless opportunistic such as Simon Kun Pouch, Marial Benjamin, James Hoth Mai and so on are left out, Salva Kirr whom they have saved appointed 16 ministerial portfolios in the newly formed Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU). Out of the 16 ministers which President Kiir appointed, 7 of them are from his ethnic group, the Dinka, plus another Dinka appointed as deputy minister, making their number almost half of the whole quota of the 16 positions in the power sharing deal. Only one Nuer, Riek Gai Kok, is reappointed as minister of health.


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