Breaking News: Malong’s figher caught stealing Mangoes in many Equatorians areas in South Sudan

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It can now be confirmed with 100% correctness that Malong’s reputation is beyond repair as his service men are continuing to uncover his incompetence here and there. This time, they have crossed with it to Museveni’s Land (Uganda).

One of them is said to have been dragged to a local council office in Bibia, South Sudan-Uganda border town, for stealing raw mangoes yesterday at 11:00 am. The visibly hungry born to rule fighter went to Uri’s (real name concealed) compound and started picking raw mangoes without asking the owner. When approached by Uri, the cow-boy responded in Dinka, and in disrespectful tone, leaving Mr. Uri with no option but to report the matter to the local council’s office.

The malnourished man in SPLA uniform was handcuffed and dragged like a stubborn He-goat on its way to slaughter house, to the local councils’s office on broad day light where he was only scolded for his actions, and was then strongly advised to respect the property of the locals. No charges were laid against him.

Some onlookers were unhappy with the local councils decision to send him off without any charges as most of them wanted him to be given hard labour while others wanted him to be lashed publicly.

Last week in Nimule, another born to rule man in uniform also reportedly collapsed at the market due to starvation, he was then rushed to the nearest health center for help. On a separate development last week, some cowboy fighters were also rescued from starvation by some candy hearted restaurant manager in Nimule.

Most of the soldiers in Nimule are now said to be dependent on handouts from the natives as Malong seems to have forgotten them or simply have no budget to meet their needs.

Until he (Malong) makes the decision to return his redundant recruits back to the Kraal, they will always remain burden, menaces, and nuisance to the locals.

Nicholas Osobi,

A Revolutionary Columnist,

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