Breaking News: Makuei Lueth, the spokesman of government of national unity ordered all Dinka to leave Nuer home in Juba

mMay 8, 2016, In Juba: The Spokesperson of the Transitional Government of National Unity, Michael Makuei Lueth has cautioned illegal occupants of IDP properties to leave immediately.

Makeui says that peace has come for everyone to return to their original place, whoever is living in someone’s property must leave to allow the owner to return home. He warned that security forces will take action against anyone who disobey the order. However, he did not give a dateline for these illegal occupants to leave.


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  1. He (Makei’s) relatives should have left the Ma’di Land since 2005. Can they issue the same order for his illegal alliance to go back to ancestors land in Jonglei state, so that peace will reign all over South Sudan

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