Breaking News: SPLM-I’s supporters were round up in Mundi yesterday on May 8, 2016

KiirWithUniform-655x360For immediate release

May 9, 2016,

Dear all,
We are aware that the below Youths Arrested and detained in Mundri by our government on 08/5/2016.
Below are the names of the youths who were arrested and detained in Mundri and accused of supporting IO forces.
1.David Malish
2.Edward Baya
3.Zachariah Wesley
4. Bashir John Black
5.Charles Sadiq Francis
6. Janitu Michael Drale
7.Katas Siko Amorama
8. Taban Nelson Atiba
9.Salah Elikana Tiyibe
10. Charles Laroba
11. Salah Edward Sebit
12.Lemi Elipaza
13.Bidal Biro
14.Juma Giza Lazarus
Those youths are undergoing serious suffering in the garrison and were badly tortured on daily basis. No enough food and was only given once and in small qualities.
In the spirit of peace among our people, I kindly request the Government and SPLA IG commander in Mundri to immediate release those 19 youths for a sake ok peace and reconciliation and healing.
Our brothers in SPLA IG should remember that, we are all serving the same government and for the sake of the people of South Sudan and for the peace, there is no need to continue with arrest of the youths and accused them that their are SPLA/IO supporters.
Our forces of SPLA/IO in all South Sudan including Greater Mundri have ceased fire by the orders given to them by the First Vice President and commander in chief of SPLM IO. H.E Dr.Riek Machar Teny and they have been in their assembly areas awaiting to the organization and Verification as per the agreement.
Col. Nyarji Roman
Office of the first vice president


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  1. Please for God’s sake, and for the sake of the reader’s pleasure. Please try to edit and proofread your articles before posting it to the millions around the globe. It’s very upsetting to a journalist misspell “Mundri” in the new title??????

    May God bless you all!

    Aku Junubi

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