Breaking News: President’s office theft: Kiir to testify

KiirWithUniform-655x360Emmanuel Akile | May 12, 2016 | 1:09 pm

The High Court has issued a guilty verdict for 16 former officials accused of playing a role in the loss of millions of US dollars in the name of the president.

The officials were accused of forging the signature of the president, complicity, and the use of presidential stamps, among others.

They all denied the accusations.

But today, the court said the accused are guilty based on the evidence presented by the prosecutor.

However, the convicts insist they are innocent and have requested for more of their witnesses to testify in the case.

Some say their witnesses include President Salva Kiir, Minister of Finance David Deng Athorbei and the Governor of Central Bank Kornelio Koriom, among others.

These new witnesses are expected in court on the 17th of May.


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