R.I.P to Mighty Mathiang Anyoor: The humble sons of Aweil who died in vain

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The Government of South Sudan “nyoor” Mathiang Anyoor the beloved children of Mading Aweil who perished in vain

By Jacob Ngong Ngong- Nairobi, Kenya

RIP to Mathiang Anyoor
May 11, 2016, The patriotic youth who volunteers to protect the country from the enemy like any others soldiers have perished their lives in Upper Nile in the name of protecting position. The man made war that broke out 15 December in 2013 as a result of SPLM leader disputed in the political barriers among the members that set the country into fire (civil war) was indeed a war of self-interests. It was the conflict of position in which everybody pushes his interests on the national issues taking the nation into their fingertips. The problem started in 2007 when government of southern Sudan decided to integrated Khartoum’s militants’ (aka SPLA new comers).
Militants who have never attend any military training in their live activities into proper army giving them more ranks and leave the founders of SPLA those who struggle to fought with Khartoum regime for freedom when there was no salary no food no clothes they have sacrifice their lives to free south Sudanese that was the genesis of the problems in south. Which encourage militias make it to be their shortcuts to get those ranks and gives them morals to claim more shortcuts to get into big positions in the country that was the reasons many people used to take advantages of rebellions as their businesses.

In 2012 government issued amnesty to those militias who took army against government in 2010 and integrated them into SPLA and promoted them to lieutenant generals good example is Johnson Olony. You go to the bush and kills many innocent people than come back to get your promotion because the formula was the number of people you kills is the level of promotion. When fighting started in Juba the SPLA headquarter divided themselves into tribal army, community army, clans, comrades or friends exchanging bullets killing so many people and since many people with high ranks some of them had never ever attend any military training in their lives complicated the disputes because majority of them were tribal oriented.

Some source says that government forces were repulse in the morning Mathiang Anyoor backup the tiger in Gudele and Bilpam to chase out insurgence army and took controls of juba and on 18 December 2013 fighting erupted in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal and Peter Gatdet Yak captured Bor with incriminated killing. And other generals like James Koang Chuol do the same thing in Bentiu and malakal. Immediately Riek went in Uror and mobilized white army to take army and come to control Jonglei; it was also through the intervention of mathiang anyoor to rescue Bor which lead them to battle with white army and chase them away from Bor town and capture Bor town.

That fighting had kills thousands of them others were kills by guns others had drown in river Nile and others die of thirsty and hunger in the bush. It was a great lost to Mading Aweil community when we receive the news almost every household in Aweil was affected. We all know each of us has the natural rights from God to depend his government; person and property mathiang anyoor did a great job for having depended the government position.

The problems started in 2014 when some of our brothers in mathiang anyoor force who lose their live could not be recognized by the same government which they were defending; their salaries were cut off by individuals that one left me with the questions in my mind. What kinds of government is this? When food prices were raised in the market because of inflation in the country, thing become hard for the parents and relatives of Mathiang Anyoor whose son’s lost their lives in frontline for the senseless war.

The parents opted to move to Sudan because of their sons who can struggle to bring foods for them had been killed and nobody to supports them again. When transitional government of national unity was formed by president of the Republic of south Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit .I was shocks to see Mading Aweil which contribute a lot to defend the government being misrepresented.

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