SPLM-IO vs SPLM-IG the war of words is on

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ioCol. William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesman for SPLA, Pagak-GHQs
May 23, 2016, Government Accusation on peace violations by IO, is unrealistic
The press statement issued on Friday by the SPLA, IG Spokesman Brig. Lul Ruach, accusing our forces to have attacked their positions, mainly in Unity State which he fully announced to the public as a violation of peace agreement by the SPLA-IO is not true because the attack which took place at Manajang and Tuarkiel respectively in Rubkotni County in Unity State, was being triggered by the SPLA-IG against SPLA, IO after they had attempted to seize the ration being given by the humanitarian partners to the civilian at Manajang and automatically they try to stormed our base and a fierce battle was being fought and 16 of their soldiers were killed.
Now SPLA-IO has become a part of the current government and completely there would be no genuine reason for SPLA-IO to fight the SPLA-IG at all. Therefore, Lul Ruach, it is now too late for opportunist to fabricate liars on the public again as the whole nation is now celebrating the recent formation of the TGoNU and they are now enjoying it with trust and confident to live in peace in their country.
Comrade Lul, your ash language is shown your naiveté and lacking professional ethics on journalism, and I think even your GHQs would not allow such inexperience and irresponsible style of writing. I am sure SPLA-IO generals are not idiots as you put it on your naïve press release issued on Friday at Bilpham, we are here to implement this agreement as it is in the book, and they are professional generals that is why they have delivered you this lasting peace.

Comrade Lul Ruach, your language always sound provocative and abusive and this may not bring peaceful coexistence in the country as you always keep denying the present of SPLA-IO in both Equatoria and Bharel Gazal which is neither your capacity nor my capacity but on that issue, there must be a political decision from the president and his 1st Vice President then down to our levels.
I would like to inform the general public that, such incited and abusive language always used by the then Spokesman, needs to be analyzed and ignored as the country is ready to live in peace rather than to use antagonistic and horrible speeches.

Office of spokesperson, SPLA-GHQs
Tel: +251 940259561 / E-mail: splainopposition@gmail.com /gatjiathd@gmail.com dicksongatluak2013@gmail.com

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