May 29, 2016, due to an ongoing anti-peace protest at the Emmanuel Jieng Church this morning in Juba, the pastor in charge, Joseph Maker Achiek, has resigned.

The violence began this morning when the designated secretary of information went to podium to announce reports.

According to witnesses, unidentified “young man” also stood up and start matching to the stage with a banner bearing late Gen. Kuol Malith Reech, late Gen. Abraham Jongroor Deng and late Gen. Ajak Yek Alier who were killed in the conflict between 2013-2014.

“When stopped by the secretary and ushers, a group of people who were believed to be his team, stood up in the middle of the congregation and surges forward. Most of the congregation walked out of the church while others tried their best to calm situation.” Bell reports narrates.

While generals and politicians remained seated, one Bishop tried to calm down the situation but all in vain.

The church leadership opted to call national security immediately and the protestors are believed to have been locked up for further investigation, however, the pastor-in-charge declared he has resigned.
Senior Bishop, Nathaniel Garang Anyieth, was seen helplessly crying while summing up prayers.

The violence came less than a week after the South Sudan’s Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, attended a service as part of his ongoing reconciliations efforts in the country.

While Pastor Joseph Makeer Achiek is from Bhar El Ghazal Dinka, majority of his congregation are from Dinka Bor.

The anti-peace protest has gone viral on social media as members of Dinka Bor community threaten violent against the senior pastor for welcoming the First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar.

The Emmanuel Jieng Church is a branch of Espicopal Church of South Sudan that is dominated by mostly Dinka Bor sub-tribe.

It is not the first time the church is on the news due to political polarization. Earlier this year protestors in the church attacked mama Rebecca Mabior, the wife of SPLM/SPLA founder, Dr. John Garang de Mabior for her opinions and her position during the last two years.

Despite that Mama Rebecca did not rebel in 1991 and did not command troops in 2013, a woman stood up in the congregation and verbally attacked her for standing against Salva Kiir government in 2013.

Mading Ngor Akec Kuai, a journalist who is now arrested for instigating violence in Emmanuel Dinka Church in Juba(Photo: Deng Daniel Ajang)
Mading Ngor Akec Kuai, a journalist who is now arrested for instigating violence in Emmanuel Dinka Church in Juba(Photo: Deng Daniel Ajang)
Public Reaction
The action of polarizing the church along political line is strongly condemned by some congregations who want to see peace and reconciliation restored.

“the devil’s group succeeded for threatening the pastor with violent if no resignation. Where in the world’s that the church has limitations for inviting certain people? Get to the cross of jesus first, before, following the blinds!” Nhial Pal said.

“Who’s own Jesus is South Sudan. shamed on that community where this very stupid people use to come am very sorry for them” Awan Monydiit stated.

The violence is blamed on Mading Ngor Akei Kuai, the leader of the protestors. Mading is apprehended and is now arrested at the National Security for instigating violence in the church.

Mading is a journalist by profession but has predominately comes up in tribal politics in South Sudan. He has been arrested more than two times in the last two years.


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