Press Release: Media Briefing at SPLA-IO/GHQS in Juba



Good Morning Ladies  & Gentlemen.

I am the current official Military Spokesperson for SPLA-IO

Col. William Gatjiath Deng

  • The office of the Spokesperson welcomes International, Regional and Local Media representatives who have managed to attend this occasion today and indeed, I recognize your hard contribution toward the implementation of this peace agreement in the country and this is a one of the reason why you are call here today.
  • Ladies & Gentlemen, let me have a short briefing on the current situation after the formation of the TGoNU, the SPLA-IO headed by Dr. Riek Machar and the other (10) Ministers who have also taken part in the council of Ministers definitely shown that, the peace in the youngest nation is now prevailing as it has been a hope to everybody in the country.

Contentious Issue to derail the Implementation of Peace Agreement

  1. Issue of 28 States that ought to be drop to (10) States
  2. Cantonment sites in the (2) Greaters,  Equatoria and Bhar el Gazal
  3. Violations of the SPLA-IG against SPLA-IO on the cantonments
  4. Hot speeches delivered by SPLA-IG Spokesperson, Brig. Lul Ruach Koang against SPLA-IO


  • It has been difficult for the government to solve either of the (4) contentious points that tends to derail the implementation of peace agreement in the country. And this is of course, viewed as the serious violations against the implementation of the agreement by the government.
  • During the Permanent Ceasefire Arrangements Workshop held in Addis Ababa, in 2015, the (2) warring parties agreed that, the forces shall be cantoned specially those forces previously in combat in Juba, Jonglei, Unity State, Upper Nile States and any other forces related to the conflict in other areas that are declared by the warring parties.

There are a number of violations always triggered by the SPLA-IG

  1. The Spokesperson for the SPLA-IG Brig. Lul Ruai, has been accusing our forces to have attacked their forces in what he calls Northern Liech State, but originally “North of Unity State” but as the matter of fact, they are the ones triggered the attack that took place at Manajang and Tuarkiel respectively because they moved from Bentiu to Manajang (10) Killo and at last (16) of their soldiers being killed on that fight and (47 AKM-47) (2-PKM) were captured. I would like to advice my counterpart Mr. Lul Ruai to leave the hot speeches that seems to fuel antagonistic, hatred among the people of South Sudan but peaceful language is admirable this time and this must be imparted by the (2) Spokespersons down to social media.
  2. Gen Gai Yoach, is now at Nhialdieu Payam in Rupkotni County in Unity State to ready to attack our forces at Tuarkiel and Gezira were the huge of our forces are already cantoned.
  3. SPLA-IG forces are now ready to attack our forces at the Western Bank of the Nile at Malakal as they placed huge forces at Lelo, Detang, Wau Shulluk and Bienythiang.
  4. They also placed at Malakal the Sudanese rebels pursued by Sudan Arm forces at the Blue Nile border to support them on the operations.
  5. They are fighting our forces at Western Equatoria, Eastern and in the Southern Bhari at Lobona and Kejikeji.

I am appealing to the government of South Sudan to seriously resolve these outstanding issues and stop these violations to embrace peace in the country.

I am appealing to Mr Lul Ruai (A trader of war) to stop his accusation on SPLA IO and see work on the implementation of the Peace Agreement.

Our forces are in order and under the control of C-In-C 1st Lt. Gen Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon and let the so-called SPLA-IG spokesperson Mr Lul Ruai and Mr Makuei Lueth” The Information Minister stop telling lies to the public if we means the really peace to prevail in this Country.

I am appealing to the Citizens of our nation to only embrace peace and really behind the peace lovers, distance your selves from supporting War traders and let us re-build this country in togetherness.

For Peace, Reforms and Democratic Transformation for a better South Sudan___________SPLM/A IO

Thanks to the Council of Ministers for taking a good step of allowing Cantonment sites for our troops in the two regions of Greater Equatoria and Greater Bahr El Ghazal thought there are still some outstanding issues, we will address them peacefully with the help of JMEC and all the security peace partners.

To: those who ever claim that Gen. Johnson Olony is a criminal or is not under SPLA IO command, how comes for him to be the Leading Commander of our forces in Sector 1 Division or you had no access to his defection to our side when He realized the truth a year later of the current imposed war.

Gen. Olony is among the top leading Military Commanders under SPLA-IO command.

He is currently in Upper Nile State and will be in Juba at any time as we are still working to implement all the peace articles.

Peace must restore in South Sudan.

Col. William Gatjiath Deng

Spokesperson for SPLA-IO/Juba, South Sudan


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