The members of the Supreme Military Leadership Council (SMLC) of the (SSNDF) will be holding a formal meeting on Friday 17th June 2016


ioJune 16, 2017

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Tuesday, 14th June 2016

Public Statement

We would like to officially inform the supporters of the SSNDP / SSNDF that the members of the Central Revolutionary Military High Command (CRMHC) of the South Sudan National Defence Force (SSNDF) will be holding a formal meeting on Friday on 17th June 2016 in undisclosed location.   The participants of the (SMLC)’s meeting will be generating fresh ideas about the liberation of the whole South Sudan from the SPLM / SPLA-IG.   The second phase of the South-South civil war that the citizens of the youngest nation have been waiting for several months is approaching.  The Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) have begun their fresh operations in South Sudan to keep Gen. King Mayardit in power for more than five decades. Due to this  reason the members of the (CRMHC) of the (SSNDF) have to meet in advance to set up new liberation strategies  in order to bring down the existing regime in Juba  faster and safely.

The names of the expected attendees will be disclosed to the media after the end of the upcoming (SMLC) meeting. The venue and the exact starting time of the session will remain anonymous for the safety of these military leaders.


2nd Lt. Gen. Yien  Tot   Lam   Padiet

The author is an Advocate for Situational  leadership theories and he holds Asso. Dip. of  Sustain., Asso.Dip. of Admin., Dip. of Bus., Dip. of HR., Dip. of Mgt., and Post Grad. Leadership Degree.

The writer is also the President of the (SSNDP) and Commander-in-Chief of the (SSNDF)

South Sudan, Liberated   Area




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