Warning: imposed peace and next surprise to world wide

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nuer massarce

June 17, 2016, We know that wars and conflict precipitates state failure,south sudan was expected to be ripe ground for development of democracy,civil liberty,secure property right and human right; right away after independence of the country.

But dinka corrupted government or juba regime doesn’t give room to the icons above so that they could be demonstrated a round the country and

That is why this current war had descended for.
Once more concerning agreement of august 26/2015 which was signed between SPLM/A IO and SPLM/A in government is a flame of candle not a solution if it was being imposed by international community and other african bodies of course it can typically do little in this respect and certainly not with the way that it is currently organized.

And it does not imply that peace except the humanitarian kind, should not be held? Putting an end to war is practical and would likely lead to human stability.
The fact is that, the peace must come there upon will of south sudanese and it must contains conventional healing from nuer tribe those who were massacres by dinka tribe in juba this need no scribe the whole world is witness. which mean if the peace imposed to them without subject above their desire for war shall continue and surely it will lead additional human suffering

The peace that grants salva kiir presidency is totally rejected by nuer as our general peter Gatdet and his group was voicing for.

But the beneficiaries of the large profit created by DEC 15/2013 revolution of salvation which seen to be a movement of trading and terrorist without objective those who want to enrich and generate money for themselves on account of poors so that they can shore up their failure movement and a buy support from wicked.
Writer tuttayiar Tim

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