Breaking News: Dinka’s Paul Malong’s Hungry soldiers steal food from traders in Juba market according SPLA spokesman Lul Ruach Koang

lul .jpgJune 23, 2016, The SPLA Spokesman Brig. Gen. Lul Ruach confirmed that the news about SPLA Hungry soldiers stealing food from traders in Juba market is an accurate and was an order from Chief of Staff Paul Malong Awan.

The spokesman also confirmed that the matter of food was discussed for some weeks about what to do since there is no money or food to be given to soldiers. On Money morning June 20, 2016, Paul Malong gave OK to soldiers to “find other mean to find food in the Market” according PSPLA spokesman

In JUBA this morning, Radio Tamazuj reported and hungry SPLA soldiers in Juba have stolen food items from one of the traders in Juba’s biggest market of Konyo Konyo, an eyewitness said. The incident which occurred on Wednesday caused many traders to close their shops to avoid theft.

A source within SPLA HQs in Bilpam confirmed that Soldiers were gave OK by Chirf of Staff Paul Malong Awan.

A group of SPLA soldiers on board a military Land Cruiser entered one shops that sell food items and started asking prices of food items which they later loaded onto their vehicle, but when the shop owner asked them for payment, they asked him to go the President Salva Kiir to claim his money.

The soldiers went away with the stolen food items, citing that they have not received their salaries for months.


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  1. What a government!!!

    That is very strange action to happen in the capital city. But is lest than the Nuer genocide of December 15, 2013. There is proverb says, “if you do something bad, you do it to yourself.” That is what happening now in Juba. The war of shame was ignited by the SPLM Cohorts that killed thousands of the future leaders and builders of the youngest nation. Terror act was going even before the war, a lot of people ended in Juba hospital, waiting for relatives to come and recognise to be buried. Many incidents happened and nothing was revealed by authority. How come citizens of country with National Security be killed by unknown militants? That by itself was “a terror act.”

    Now the country leadership is progressing on damping the nation due to tremendous failure recognised internationally. Yet the authority is not understanding the waving blowing away the beautiful country. To be a good nation, the current leadership has to go and the young people take over the country. Otherwise, shaming South Sudan will never come to an end.

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