Minister of Information, Michael Makuei suffered from sleeping sickness at teenage, his family reveals

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June 24, 2016, For those of you who have been wondering why 99.9% of messages coming from Makuei are always fictitious, from now on, wonder no more. The paid liar is said to have suffered from sleeping sickness when he was 15 years old, according to family sources. So whatever comes from his mouth should not be relied upon.

When the information minister assured the public that all civil servants would get their salaries in a week’s time, his cousin remains sceptical and he feels the public should know something about his brother before people start to jump up and down with joy in anticipation of their overdue salaries. He cautioned the public to take his cousin’s message with grains of salt because of his mental health history.

“Makuei is my younger cousin. He is an honest man but his mental health history puts him on the wrong lane of things most of the time”, he reveals.

The illness is said to have left him with schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia often have an altered perception of reality. They may see or hear things that don’t exist. This could explain why Makuei’s promises always remain as promises, but with no clear results because he mostly attends meetings with his own-self and then goes to the media to communicate the resolutions. In other words, he goes to media after hallucinating. Minus attending law course, the information minister added a law degree qualification to his resume’ and he has convinced himself and the entire nation that that he is actually a lawyer though without any formal leaflets.

What isn’t clear is, whether the embattled president is aware of this but chooses to ignore it since the lies are helping him to maintain his grip onto power; or he too has now developed brain damage from hard liquor he’s been sipping day and night with Ugandan thigh vendors at his palace, that he can no longer distinguish between left and right?

Whatever the answer is, South Sudan is already in its third phase of revolution. The gallant revolutionary society which comprise of all starving citizens of the young nation, the unpaid civil servants, the business community, the unpaid service men; tiger unit crews inclusive, will soon grab the trouble causer from state house, handcuff him and parade him to ICC, marking an end to Dinkacracy once and for all.

Nicholas Osobi,

Revolutionary Columnist



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