We Can’t Allow the Troika Nations to Rule the Young Republic South Sudan by Remote Control: An Open Letter to President Salva Kiir By Luka Geng Geng lukageng@gmail.com University Campus, Wau Mr. President, before putting you to the tips of iceberg, May I crave your attention, whilst I put my own view? By so doing, let me begins by paraphrasing the common saying which states: “There comes a time in the life of every nation when it must choose to submit or to fight”. Today I appeal to you as head of this nation to hold on to your feet, and not to submit to Troika nations whose goal is to rule the republic of South Sudan by a remote control stationed in the capitals of their respective countries. No country is an Island to stand without the support of another country and the backing of international community but, we can’t allow the Troika to rule the young republic of South Sudan by remote control in hypocrisy to fund us while we know very well that you and your government have what it takes to pull out the country of the present economic crisis given your recently outstanding announced initiative to resume oil production shall soon be executed. In another hand, it will be through raising high the prestige of your administration success with immediate effect that you will have the driving force to accomplish the current crisis facing your country today. I am not a political analyst, but I am driven to ask: “considering the fact that Troika nations are not keeping their promises anytime they give you a promise, Mr. President, don’t you see into it that your submission to Troika will only serves to deepen the current crisis facing our country? In another breath, what do you see now after Troika’s first promise to you? Is it too much asking to remind you that: Isn’t the Troika whose hands were behind pushing the UN Security Council to impose the sanction on this young country? Troika only deserves to take away with indebtedness and credit for their role they played in providing technical and logistical support to the IGAD, the regional bloc that mediated ARCSS peace agreement which gave birth to the TGNU but that does not automatically grantee the Troika upper hand to rule our country by a remote control. There is a common saying that; if someone cheats on you for the first time, shame on him but if the same person cheated you for the second time then shame on you, I don’t want to say that later. Your excellency, even today regardless of the current crisis, the average city man or layman believes that your position as president is one that must at all times unite this country behind a vision and programs that seeks to make tomorrow a better day than today for South Sudanese, which is the reason why your establishment order of expanding the already existing 10 states to 28 states at wrong time is widely accepted across the country without more questioning and criticism. All in all, the creation of 28 states came as a popular demand and at the same time a as fulfillment of SPLM vision of taking town to village. What is wrong with that if we may ask the Troika nations and their alliance who are advocating for revocation? Mr. President, my concern is amplified by the fact that, in several occasions for quite long time, you have made yourself the trustee for those in every country particularly the Troika countries (US. UK, Norway, Canada, and Netherlands) who seek to mend the evils of our condition in the name of peace and for funding our country with a hope to bring down the staggering financial crisis. In their promises to provides donations as soon as the TGNU is formed and ARCSS peace agreement implemented, you positively but hastily responded by forming the TGNU to their wishes at the time they had wanted it to be and as well, you made sure that a concrete foundation towards the implementation of peace deal is laid, yet the Troika didn’t see into that as they declined to cooperate with TGNU although their promise was. Today, we learnt through the media houses that the same bloc is putting pressure on you to revoke the issue of 28 states or otherwise the whole nation would starve to death without their humanitarian intervention. And to add a grain of salt to the wound, there is a controversial media leaked letter that is said to have been penned and addressed to your office by Troika and which was confirmed by your press secretary in his first interview with eye radio though he denied it later. The letter in which content according to the sources is asking you to remove the heads of the two financial intuitions; the central bank and the ministry for finance and economic planning in promise to provide their donations after you sacked the duo must be the litmus test indicating that the Troika nations wants to rule this country by a remote control. Apparently, Troika hands are seemingly reaching closer to your powers as president of the republic since they have crossed the accepted practice that the appointment and dismal of ministers is prerogative of the president. This is a sufficient reason why I should venture to lay my reflection before you, though under the disadvantage of distance and open medium. At the movement, your supporters and the supporters of your government across the country are worried, and sometime despondent. We wonder whether you will positively respond to Troika requisition to revoke the establishment order that created the 28 states or whether some of the advice you get about what the citizens says regarding the revocation of 28 states is not crack brained and queer. If we are disconcerted when we defend you; this may be partly due to the fact that your government has failed to dispatch a technical committee to all the states, counties, Bomas and finally to the grassroots to take the consultation there or the general views of the entire citizens on this issue of 28 states. For almost everyone here has the a wildly distorted view on what is wrong with Troika countries since what each and every smells of Troika sense differently from working with your government to promote peace and stability. While I write you this open letter, I strongly believes that you are not engaged on a hare-brained expedition in face of competent advice, that the best hopes lies in ridding yourself of the public opinions including this opinion of mine which demands you to hold on to your feet otherwise the Troika is heading South Sudan for some ghastly breakdown. There is a recrudescent of wise head-wagging by those who believes the nose is a nobler organ then the brain. Now that whole nation is smelling something from Troika, the entire country is convinced that we only have to sit back and wait to see what we shall see from you as your response to the mounting pressure put on your back by the Troika nations. Mr. President, by sending you this open letter means I want to put you off the minimal alert and pressingly tap you on maximal alert to deal with the Western World cautiously and wisely, and therefore to stand firm not to allow the them to rule the republic of South Sudan by a remote control, because it is a perceivable fact that the Western leaders sees the potential young nations like South Sudan as another copy of their own. But mind you also Mr. President, at this point I am not saying all the Western countries are all bad rather their goodness to you and your nation depends on bilateral relations between the two countries, that of yours and theirs; But you will have no choice only to take care of them all because they all come from the West. In the world of snakes and vipers, the average person can’t distinguish between the poisonous snakes and the non-poisonous snake; the former must be taken care of in the same way as the latter is taken care of and ultimately; the average person has no choice but to avoid all kinds of snakes…since the world didn’t invent a tool to detect who is devout Western Nation and who is nominal one, so it is wise to take your precautions against all Western countries, you and other African are left with no choice but to avoid them all……Mr. president, up to here I rest my point! The author of this piece is a medical student in the University of Bahr el Ghazal; Wau. For contact, he can be reached at lukageng@gmail.com/0956661661

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