Breaking News: the NBA player Luol Deng’s father is facing evicted for owing Glory Hotel $18,000 dollars

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Luol Deng.jpgJune 26, 2016, Juba, The NBA player Luol Deng Ajou Deng’s father number #8 on the lists, is facing jail time in Juba for not paying the hotel bill. Loul Deng who is in Omaha Nebraska, U.S.A for fundraising to an unknown reason is causing a lot of social media outcry for using the street children for “unity of South Sudanese community” which is behind rejected by all South Sudanese in Omaha.

Many of South Sudanese community were surprised by  that Luol Deng is “Luol Deng is bringing South Sudanese together through South Sudanese unite” However, South Sudanese Community in Omaha have no idea about “unity event in Omaha” according to multiple leaders of South Sudanese community in Omaha Nebraska.

African Press however have learned that Luol Deng is illegally making a fundraising for his father who is a Member of Jieng Council of Elders, a board of Dinka elder who are advising the President of South Sudan Salva Kirr. Dinka Elders are behind 2013 war strategies and they are also behind the delay of peace process in South Sudan.


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