Breaking News: Member of SPLM-IO’s advance team was shot dead in Juba


Lt.Colonel George Gismala was shot dead today in Juba

July 2, 2016, According to SPLM-IO spokeman in Juba, he send a message through social media and media houses saying that one of their senior military intelligent officer was shot in Juba by security forces loyal to government today near Kator residential area, the victim was identified to be Lt.Colonel George Gismala who works as SPLA / IO Military intelligent.

The victim was been taken to undisclosed location by the government security agents.
The investigations are under way to establish the cause sorrounding the incident , culprits haven’t been captured or identified so far.

Till now we are still in contact with government officials and senior security officers in the government to get more informaton about the incident but so far the government didn’t disclose his place or his heath situation.



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